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    Excel and/or Access ranking questions

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this! I have a rather large data set, containing over 20,000 records and I am looking to calculate the percentile ranking of 10 to 20 different statistics for each record, in each category, if the statistic exists. Of these 20,000 records, I...
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    Loop down by group, Loop Across by condition

    This is omething that is fairly easy to do in a spreadsheet by hand. But I am not sure how to write it into a macro as it becomes part of a bigger macro. IN the attached spreadsheet you can see what I am trying to acheive. I aim to use Percentrank by group and then across the columns. There are...
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    percentrank that doesn't count blanks

    I have an array of numbers that includes blanks and zeros. The zeros are legitimate values, but the blanks are "missing", so they are different. I want a percentrank of all of the values that are not blank. When I run just a normal percentrank function it treats all of the blanks as zero...

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