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    group by function in power query

    hello, I have loaded and converted over 300 text files in power query Excel 2016. Now I have about 1M lines that I am trying to do an aggregation on sum and count based on 2 criterias. I am running into some performance issues, it shows that my file is loading data for the last half hour but...
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    Power Query performance and open source files

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone has come across this and has a fix for me :) I'm extracting data from several files, each file has the same structure and I'm pulling multiple tables (but not stored as tables) from 20+ sheets in each. While all source files are closed the execution takes roughly...
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    VBA is taking too long to give the output / using FIND function

    I have three sheets ( 1.GCBC 2.RHPOOLLVL 3.Comparison Summary) inside my excel file. My goal is to fill the sheet 3 ('comparison summary') from the values of sheets 1 & 2. following is the code i have written to achieve the results, this is working fine but taking hell lot of time to complete...
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    Multiple sub-strings substitute - performance Issue in VBA

    Hi Everyone. I'm struggling with a functionality in excel / VBA. I have a list (one column) with 300.000+ entries. The length of each cell varies. For each cell over 35 chars, I need to perform substitutions in order to make it short. For that purpose, I have a range "from" --> "to", so at each...
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    VBA Solver Loop is running extremly slowly in excel 2016

    Firstly I want to thank everyone who uses this site, it has helped me get where I am today, this is the first time I have come across a problem I haven't been able to find a solution for. I have written a macro that is essentially solving for the intersection between a line and a high order...
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    Issues with Excel 2013

    My company just "upgraded" to office 2013 and now one of my macros that ran perfectly in 2010 now seems to have a handful of issues. 1.It runs at a fraction of the speed ,2010- ~15 seconds per account vs 2013 ~ 1 minute per account.I have already tried disabling Animate controls and elements...
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    Performance issues Excel 2013 (regarding named ranges)

    Hi, My company has recently upgraded from excel 2007 to 2013. We are using named ranges in order to store values in a database. One of our pricing tools have alot of named ranges, approx 75000. When running this tool in excel 2007, it works without any problems at all. When i run it on excel...
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    Simplify and optimize a complex series of vlookups

    Hi all, I have a bit of an issue and thought this might be a good place to get some ideas. I have a set of data with client ID going vertically down and then horizontally I have the date the client moved to a certain status. I want to know at any given time how many clients are in each...
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    Excel Performance Issues

    I have a table with values from A2:Y65000 and the Z2:AG6500 (formulas). I need this information in a pivot tables. I've listed each of the formulas below. I need some advice of what I can do to process this information quickly. Each time I add data or refresh it takes 5 min to calculate. Is it...
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    VBA to get cells from workbook on network drive very slow

    I'm fairly new to VBA in excel and have been going through several beginning books to try and accomplish getting values from closed workbooks on a network drive and populating them into my main Dashboard workbook. The only problem is they are for a running 13 months, so the files will change...
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    Performance issue VB

    Hi, I´m trying to filter out unique names based on chosen year and organizational unit from a list that contains approx 20000 rows. Use code below, which is executed with a control button. I experience performance issues, the macro takes 5-10 sec to run. Is there any better way to do it? Sub...
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    Pivot table - SUMIFS Issue

    Hi, I have pivot table and have to show the data from into another sheet as Report format. Format should not change.We are having only 4 categories.We have to show the catergory values as Header in Report (as shown below) By using Excel macros once the pivot table get refresh I am bringing...

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