1. M

    Maybe LOOKUP isn't the best function?

    Basically, you can see clients on the left and then different stages of the project next to it. These dates are manually entered. The "(IR)" is basically our internal review and has to get priority if it's in the same week as the same stage without "(IR)" Because it has to get priority I did a...
  2. E

    Return Column Header of first entry in range meeting a criteria

    I have been working on this for about a day now, searched everywhere and cannot seem to find a solution I need to return the column header of the earliest entry which meets a particular Phase in column A, i.e. for Phase 3 I would expect formula to return May-19. <b>Excel 2013/2016</b><table...
  3. T

    Need Help with Dates

    <tbody> Manufacturer Start Stop Total Days: ITRAQ 1/15/2019 1/30/2019 15 2nd Phase Start Stop Total Days CAT MEMO 1/31/2019 2/1/2019 1 HW/SW LIST "" "" 1 Arch "" "" 1 PPSM "" "" 1 MEMO "" "" 1 Criteria "" "" 1 CERP# 2nd Phase Total Days: 6 Total Days in Total 21 </tbody>...
  4. B

    help with creating an overview of the data in a table

    Hi I have an excel sheet that I use to track Manager development across my business. Currently I have a Data entry sheet that has the below columns (There are ten phases so 1 to 10, plus the info before to allow me to filter) Regional Manager - First Name - Last Name - Job Role - Location -...
  5. A

    Parsing data for operation in Excel

    Hi, I am using a circuit simulation program called LTSPICE. It has an option to export chart data to a text file. Unfortunately, the format is not directly compatible with Excel. A snippet of the file output is shown below: Freq. V(out) 1.00000000000000e-002...
  6. D

    Capture of Prior Information

    Hello, As a team, we use an excel to document accomplishments for each project we are working on. We make updates to the accomplishment section in the excel document every 2 weeks. We are looking for an automatic way to roll-up accomplishments from prior weeks into one column. Our initial...
  7. G

    populate listbox with columns values until empty column based on row value

    Hi, i have a database prepared where you can find added values from Column C onwards per Column A, Column A = project numbers Column B= project description Column C = date Column D = phase number Column E = Member Column F = Update Column G = date Column H= phase number Column I =Member...
  8. E

    "SUMIFS" from table with sort cell

    Hi All Master, Greeting from Indonesia :cool: I am Edo, after a long time become silent user fan:hammer::hammer: MrExcel today I joined in this forum and need to share some issue that I can't find the similar issue from any thread. I have an excel table and some formula for sum as below ...
  9. V

    Add Serial Numbers in new column up to last row based on next column

    Dear Community, I am returning back to VBA after a very long break and have managed to forgotten the code to run a macro that adds serial numbers on the left hand side of a blank column from start of the data up to the last row based on a column with last row data which can vary in legth from...
  10. N

    merging 3x average(if arrays to give average of all 3

    I have the following array formula =AVERAGE(IF(('Phase 2B'!$BN$3:$BN$1370>0)*('Phase 2B'!$AA$3:$AA$1370>TODAY()-365),'Phase 2B'!$BN$3:$BN$1370)+IF(('Phase 2A'!$BY$3:$BY$1500>0)*('Phase 2A'!$Z$3:$Z$1500>TODAY()-365),'Phase 2A'!$BY$3:$BY$1500)+IF(('RSZ Phase 1'!$CB$3:$CB$1500>0)*('RSZ Phase...
  11. E

    Nested If question

    Hi, Can someone please help me with this? I have a table like this: Code --> Column A: ZSA, SAW, GEN, PT1,SSS, AAA,... Phase---> Column B: Phase 1, Phase 0, Phase 1, Phase 2,Phase 0, Phase 1,.... Task-->Column C: 05-11, 05-4, 05-78,05-8,05-13,05-20...... I would like to create a new column...
  12. O

    Sum Based on the Last Entries of Each Series

    Hello!! Here's a raw data sample: <tbody> Date Program Phase 1/1/18 Circle PRM 1/2/18 Circle P2 1/3/18 Circle P3 1/1/18 Square PRM 1/2/18 Square P1MT 1/3/18 Square P2 1/1/18 Triangle P3 </tbody> I'd like Excel to find the last entry for a given Program (Column B) then...
  13. K

    VBA to auto fill cells based on milestones and phases

    Hi this is my first time posting and other then recording macros still very new to VBA but keen to learn, I have the following problem if anyone can help please? I have had a look in the forums and am struggling to utilise / find suitable code. For summary only in table 1, this is my starting...
  14. R

    Using a cell as input to select a pull down value, but same cell needs to be updated when pull down is manually chosen

    Hi there, For my work I am in the process of creating an excel to track a hiring process and the excel needs some automation. I have defined a dropdownlist with 6 items (phases) that applies to cell I3. Cell I3 contains a formula that looks to a number of cells and depending on whether a date...
  15. M

    Nested IF AND formula

    I've tried this in multiple ways but I'm not having much luck. I need to be able to look up two separate columns - one with a date (greater than) and one with text (that contains) - with two different conditions. "Phase 2" would have both of these conditions met, "Phase 1" is anything else. If...
  16. C

    Opening a Userform while within a Userform

    I am currently using Excel to auto save into certain files on my computer. I have an input box that asks for the job description and the phase the job is in (using a pull down list). I am trying to make sure that no one can save the worksheet without selecting a job phase, in attempt to do this...
  17. D

    Copy contents based on a criteria (Cell value) using VBA

    Hi all, I have a below requirement. (Please view image before reading further). Requesting your support. 1) The macro should check cells A1,C1,E1,G1,I1 and find the most advanced phase. (These cells can hold any values Phase 1 to Phase 5. Two or more cells can...
  18. H

    Please can you help with "phasing"

    Hi Everyone I am trying to split a given number over a set number of months. Eg. If I had $30 and I wanted to split it over 5 months then I would have $6 per month. I'm trying to show this in different displays and I am looking for the values to change automatically if I change either the...

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