1. C

    Find Specific Phrases in a cell and Paste in another cell.

    I have a table with a description in column A. I want to be able to find a specif phrase that is in column D2:D99 and paste is in column C. I have been playing with this formula =IF(SUMPRODUCT(--(NOT(ISERR(SEARCH("1A",A2)))))>0,"1A","") but i haven't figured out to search for a list of phrases...
  2. S

    Translate words or phrases / texts

    Good morning. I would like to translate words or phrases / texts as it is possible to do with the google translator by setting the basic language (column a) and the languages to use for translation (column b) by entering the words or phrases (base language) in the cells from cell c1...
  3. E

    Search for Multiple Strings in Column and Delete Row if none found

    I have Multiple Sentences in Column A. I have 3 different Criteria's I need to locate in that column. So example search for " *Alert Red* ", Or " *Successful Job* ", Or " *Failed with Error* " Any of those phrases in the sentences in Column A i want to keep and delete the rest of the rows. Any...
  4. T

    Returning Values is phrase appears in call

    I’m not sure if it’s possible but I’m looking to do the following. I’m looking for a formula that will return a number based on a phrase that is in a large text cell and then another number is none of the phrases exist. The only issue is that the phrases share the same words. Below are the...
  5. A

    Analyzing Comments in Excel 2010 Cells

    This is my first post on a forum like this and I am just learning advanced excel functions/formulas. I have to review comments submitted as part of a survey and then code those comments that contain complaints about specific areas, etc. I pull the survey data from a web server as CSV files and...
  6. A

    2 conditions and one wildcard in a phrase

    "I want to find 'Mozilla' in the phrase in column 'A' and 'Phone' in column 'B': A B BW System 20042010 Phone Screen no bright on laptop Phone Pop up screen in Mozilla...
  7. F

    text only: build a search on three y/n variables then change result for combination of returns

    how do I write 3 columns of "find text" arrays, which include phrases and singular words, which must be preserved or found exactly? How do I return the search/sort so that if A1=instance yes then "xxx", if no then test B1 if B1=instance yes then "xyz", if no then test C1 if C1=instance yes...
  8. F

    search for exact phrases in column of text strings

    Hi, I may need just some nomenclature or switch I have named a range of "find text" in a column. I am searcing a "within text" column of cells, each with a text string. I want to return match / no match for exact phrases, in exact order, NOT case sensitive. I also want to continue getting a...

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