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    inserting pictures through vba, but the position and range doesn't match

    Hi, i made a macro by clicking the cell and inserting a picture image. But, the vba range and the sheet range doesn't match. ex. i want to insert a picture in cell b6 but it seems the picture inserts in between b5 and b6. this is my code below Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal...
  2. K

    2003 / 2007 Compatibility Display Picture on Cell Value

    Hi There, I have written some code in vba which works brilliantly on my excel version however, when excel is opened in 2003 the picture functionality no longer works. What I want is for the pictures to be displayed depending on the cell value. Is there something I need to do to enable this to...
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    HELP with picture in excel 2007, vba

    Hello I learned from an earlier post that pics can't populate thru excel with a formula.. So I found the below code to start but need some help modifying it. In cell A9 when my friends name appears example "Chuck", I want his picture to appear in cell A11. This picture is named "Chuck.jpg"...

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