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    Can't Open Pivot Table Source File '[Dashboard-MCT.xlsm]Resources2-Calc'

    Hello everyone, I am having an issue with Pivot Tables in Excel and would really appreciate any help. I have an Excel file named 'Dashboard-MCT' with Pivot Tables and the Source data in the Excel file. Everything works fine. When I change the name of the Excel file or copy the file, I get an...
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    Excel many to many

    How can I in Excel, resolve this question about this table: Invoice Number | Item | Product | Value 1001 | 1 | potatoes | 100 1001 | 2 | tomatoes | 150 1002 | 1 | potatoes | 100 1003 | 1 | water | 50 1004...
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    Calculate % from 2 count values in Pivot Chart

    Greetings all, I have the following pivot table; <tbody> Row Lables Count of Eligible Count of Enrolled Manual Calculation (Enrolled/Eligible)* a 6 4 66% b 4 1 25% d 3 2 66% Grand Total 13 7 </tbody> * Outside of pivot table with =GetPivotData My first goal is I would like to...
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    VBA Novice Needs Help Manipulating a Pivot

    Hi Guys, Although I am becoming more savvie with Excel (2003) I am a complete novice when it comes to VBA. What I am needing to do is have 2 worksheets, 1 with a pivot table and the other to display the data. Then when selecting a value in cell A1 on sheet 1(data) it changes the Page Field...
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    Invalid Procedure Call or Arguement When changing Page item in Pivot table

    Please help. I have recorded vb that changes a page item in a pivot table when selecting from a combo box - similar to this video. http://www.datapigtechnologies.com/flashfiles/pivot10.html The recorded code that vb gives me works only if it's selecting the selection that was chosen when...
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    Create Pivot Charts with VBA

    Hi everyone! I'm in trouble trying to create Pivot Charts with VBA: I've recorded a macro and tried to edit it to make it prettier / more functionable but with no such luck. Here's what I'm trying to do: I've got my data area (=25 columns / several thousands rows) on my worksheet and I'm...

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