pivo charts

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    Column Chart with Oldest date per facility is Shown.

    Hi Guys; I have a pivot table as below where when the equipment is serviced the last service date is not shown. which is used to show multiple charts. The table has 1000 entries and expected to double. One chart which am trying to show is a column chart where the oldest four equipment with the...
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    Can't Open Pivot Table Source File '[Dashboard-MCT.xlsm]Resources2-Calc'

    Hello everyone, I am having an issue with Pivot Tables in Excel and would really appreciate any help. I have an Excel file named 'Dashboard-MCT' with Pivot Tables and the Source data in the Excel file. Everything works fine. When I change the name of the Excel file or copy the file, I get an...
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    Excel many to many

    How can I in Excel, resolve this question about this table: Invoice Number | Item | Product | Value 1001 | 1 | potatoes | 100 1001 | 2 | tomatoes | 150 1002 | 1 | potatoes | 100 1003 | 1 | water | 50 1004...
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    Calculate % from 2 count values in Pivot Chart

    Greetings all, I have the following pivot table; <tbody> Row Lables Count of Eligible Count of Enrolled Manual Calculation (Enrolled/Eligible)* a 6 4 66% b 4 1 25% d 3 2 66% Grand Total 13 7 </tbody> * Outside of pivot table with =GetPivotData My first goal is I would like to...
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    VBA Novice Needs Help Manipulating a Pivot

    Hi Guys, Although I am becoming more savvie with Excel (2003) I am a complete novice when it comes to VBA. What I am needing to do is have 2 worksheets, 1 with a pivot table and the other to display the data. Then when selecting a value in cell A1 on sheet 1(data) it changes the Page Field...
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    Invalid Procedure Call or Arguement When changing Page item in Pivot table

    Please help. I have recorded vb that changes a page item in a pivot table when selecting from a combo box - similar to this video. http://www.datapigtechnologies.com/flashfiles/pivot10.html The recorded code that vb gives me works only if it's selecting the selection that was chosen when...
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    Create Pivot Charts with VBA

    Hi everyone! I'm in trouble trying to create Pivot Charts with VBA: I've recorded a macro and tried to edit it to make it prettier / more functionable but with no such luck. Here's what I'm trying to do: I've got my data area (=25 columns / several thousands rows) on my worksheet and I'm...

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