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    URGENT: Pivot table from set with repeat data, blank cells

    Attached is a sample of the data set I am working with. I am trying to figure out how to create a pivot table so I can easily filter and see numbers like: -How many dogs vs cats were adopted -Who adopted the most number pets -Which city had most number of pets up for adoption -Of those, how...
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    Pivot Tabkle query

    I have a simple database of food makers. Three fields: maker name. Food category, Region. I have about 1200 records. I have created a pivot table with category and region on X and Y,and it shows a count of makers in each cell.Which is fine as far as it goes. But I want to list the names of the...
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    Help with a complicated problem in calculating data inside Pivot Tables!

    Hi, I am building an excel database with a lot of data that I will be updating daily. I need to generate charts from it as I update, so I am using pivot tables and charts. I also need the pivot table to organize the data properly. The problem I am facing is that once the data is organized in...
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    Cumulative percentage in Pivot table (Pareto?)

    Hi, I am recording the downtime of machines and putting into order of most - least downtime for each of the reasons recorded against the machine being monitored. This works fine when sorting the ivot table by the total downtime column. I have been asked if I can add a cumulative percentage...
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    Sorting Hi to Low

    Hi, I apologize in advance if this question has been answered, I've looked and cant' find the answer. I am new to Pivot Tables, but have figured out how to create the database and the resulting Pivot Table. My Sales Database includes the Sales $ and GP$ for each line. In the Pivot Table I've...

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