pivot data fields

  1. M

    Pivot table/chart help!!!

    Hello, I am trying to create a pivot table from data that I have collected from a group questionnaire, there is 40 questions. Each question has about 5 different answer options. Every time I go to create the table it adds all the answers up to give me a total of people that answer. I already...
  2. C

    Change Multiple pivot table's data source at one time

    I have a doucment with many sheets, one pivot table per sheet. I would like to use a macro to change their data sources all at once to the same data source. I found this code wich I would like to use as the data source..this ensures there are no extra empty cells (which causes my Value Field...
  3. R

    VBA Pivot Table: Problem with pivot item visibility

    I am working on a pivot table in VBA. I have a working code for creating the pivot table and filling in the fields. What I would like to do now is to filter the data by dates. In the report filter, I am trying to select specific dates that precede a user inputted date. Say I have a list of the...
  4. E_DPSG

    Pivot Filter Value Went for a Ride?

    Okay - So long story short, I have a pivot table that gets its data from sql server using a data connection. Simple refresh and populate the data. One of the fields is being utilized as a filter for the pivot table. My problem is that on refresh today the filter values are missing 1. Did...
  5. C

    Pivot Table Count

    I am trying to produce a pivot table that will count a column that contains week numbers when specific reports were closed. However, as the cells within the column contain a formula it seems as if the pivot table will include those that are 'blank' i.e. the result of the IF statement is ""...
  6. S

    How do I make a table start below a PivotTable which changes shape?

    Hi, I have a PivotTable with a filter on it. When the user selects an option from the filter, the PivotTable will change in size, from a minimum of about 4 rows, to a possible 40 rows. I have a table directly below it which uses 'getpivot' formulas to perform a few simple calculations. I...
  7. T

    Move "(blank)" to end of filtered Pivot Range

    I have a macro that filters a pivot table, resorts, then copies data to another area for more calculations. I need to always move the "(blank)" elements of the first column of the pivot table ("A") to the bottom of the range once filtered. I know I can use...
  8. B

    Sort Cells and sums cell values based on Identical Values

    :confused:<P>This may be a Noob question, but i am not too familiar with sorting data.</P>:( <P> </P> <P>I have and excel worksheet with 12 columns of data i want to sort the data based on the first column, and then based on the data in the second column, I want to sum the 3rd through 12th...
  9. B

    VBA Change Pivot Table Data Field

    Having problems with VBA Code to do the following: 1. Check for Data Field "Report" 2. If Data Field "Report" Exist - Do nothing 3. Check for Data Field "Month" 4. If Data Field "Month" Exist - Remove or It may be simplier to remove all data fields and add the ones needed per DBA. Is...

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