pivot field

  1. S

    Printing/Declaring a Variable Equal to a selected filter item

    Hi, My macro displays an image of a product next to the the product's name on the pivot table. It does this by going into an directory where all the products' images are stored. This, however, takes a lengthy amount of time given the number of products. So, I split the directory into many...
  2. G

    VBA - Uncheck dynamic range in Pivot Field

    Hi all, Got a question, should be relatively straightforward but I'm struggling this morning. I have a macro that runs through reports that are generated by SAS and automatically manipulates them based on parameters set by a user. There are new variables that have come up that need to be...
  3. S

    URGENT! Need to remove only 1 calculated field

    Hello Everybody, I am stuck at a problem that I been trying to solve for almost a day now. My problem is to remove a specific calculated field from the pivot table. I know we cannot hide the field and I do not want it gone forever as I need it somewhere else so I was surfing through different...
  4. J

    Pivot Table- Multiple Column Fields

    I am struggliing to construct a Pivot Table with 3 Row fields and 2 or more sets of column fields. Every thing is fine with just 1 column field, but gets wonky when I try to add a second column field. Example: Row Fields = Region, Supervisor, Worker Column Fields = Critera1 which contains text...
  5. A

    Add pivot table fields to values using VBA

    Hi I have managed to add Calculated fields to the pivot table as shown in the code below but I am not able to get these calculated fields to appear in the values list using vba. Can anybody please enlighten me on how I can add the calculated fields to the values list using vba Portion of the...
  6. B

    Pivot Table (PivotField) Macro

    Hi, I have basically two tabs. - Sheet1: Has dropdown of all the managers - Sheet2: Has a bunch of pivots (all pivots are filtered by managers) Once you dropdown to a manager, macro will run and what it will do is change all the pivots to that person's name. Now my macro is kind of long (but...
  7. I

    Copy the Pivot value to out off the Pivot range?

    Hi All Excel Guru I'm not good in MsExcel, I have a report which daily updates and Pivots updates too. The total count values of one coulum(at the bottom of pivot) , I would like to copy out off the pivot range. I was using formula using the source of total cell , but pivot refresh every...
  8. J

    To fetch the pivot item which exists for a particular value alone

    Im currently working with pivot tables and facing an issue. Below are the details. Any help on this will be highly appreciated. Below is the sample table i have created. <TABLE style="WIDTH: 231pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=307 border=0><COLGROUP><COL...
  9. M

    Pivot Tables in Macros

    I'm working on a macro that creates several pivot tables using the same pivot cache. All the tables use the same page-, row-, and column fields, only the data fields are different in each table. How could I make sure that if the user changes one of these fields on any of the tables, all the...
  10. Fowmy

    Grouping a Date Field in Two Different Formats

    I have two Pivot Tables that share the same datasource. There is a date field in both pivot tables. I want to group the date field on Monthly basis in one Pivot Table and group on Week basis on the other. But, It does not work and the both pivot tables insist on having the same grouping. Can...

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