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  1. M

    Paste to a cell all visible pivot item

    Please help guys, I have search all over with no luck. I just want to copy all value in visible pivot item and paste it to single cell. Lets say i have pivot item "Channel_1" That have four list "Corporate", "Retail", "Internal Account", and "(blank)". I will choose manually in that pivot...
  2. C

    Error when displaying values for pivot items.

    Let's say I have a Pivot Table that looks like this but it has over 50 rows: <tbody> Letter Hours A 5 C 10 D 8 </tbody> In the table above the Letter B has a total of 0 hours so it is filtered out; therefore, it isn't displayed. I want to create a loop that displays the number of...
  3. D

    Can't seem to hide the "oldest" year/month code in a pivot table via VBA

    Hi all, I’m using Excel 2013. I swear my VBA code used to work on pivot tables under Excel 2010, but it hasn’t worked for a few months now. We use a year/month code in our database. It’s not a ‘date format’. It’s actually treated as a text field. The month code for March 2014 would be...
  4. kc.crow

    How to display pivot item if it doesn't exist

    Hello Sorry for the cryptic title. Hopefully I can explain it. I have 5 possible rating values in a column. This column will be the row header for my pivot table. Say the values are 1 through 5. If the dataset I pull doesn't have a full representation of all possible values (say, it only has...
  5. B

    Pivot Table (PivotField) Macro

    Hi, I have basically two tabs. - Sheet1: Has dropdown of all the managers - Sheet2: Has a bunch of pivots (all pivots are filtered by managers) Once you dropdown to a manager, macro will run and what it will do is change all the pivots to that person's name. Now my macro is kind of long (but...
  6. P

    Modify Pivot using user selected list

    Hello. I have a spreadsheet which will include several pivot tables. The user will be able to select a field in another sheet and the pivots (through VBA) will then include those fields. What I'd like to try and set up is the ability to have them choose multiple items (outside of the pivot...
  7. J

    To fetch the pivot item which exists for a particular value alone

    Im currently working with pivot tables and facing an issue. Below are the details. Any help on this will be highly appreciated. Below is the sample table i have created. <TABLE style="WIDTH: 231pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=307 border=0><COLGROUP><COL...
  8. G

    Hide Pivot Items based on Filter

    If I have a pivot table that is filtered on a particular item, how can I then update the other fields (pivot items) to only display the values that apply to the filter? For example, if I had a list of food like: <br> Hot Dogs<br> Hamburgers<br> Milk<br> Water<br> <br>If my main filter was to...
  9. J

    VBA Pivot Table Array?

    Hi there, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> I was wondering whether anybody knew whether it is possible to use an array to choose which pivot items to select. <o:p> </o:p> I have a pivot table which contains thousands of pivot items (‘sell...
  10. P

    Grand subtotal by pivot item 2

    I have a pivot table like the following ----------------Qtr 1 ------- Qtr2 ------- Total ------------- CA AZ TX --- CA AZ TX ---- Sales -------- 10 15 11 --- 5 10 9 ----- 50 I wonder if Pivot table can be set up to total by State (without changing the order of pivot items. ie. keep Qtr...

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