pivot table 2007/2010

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    Cannot change one pivot table without affecting the others

    My data is not that large, about 1000 rows but I want to look at it in different ways. One pivot tables shows the average auction price for each hour. One pivot tables shows the average auction price for each month. I have several more but you get the idea. The problem is that when I group...
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    Building large cross-referenced lists in Excel: Pivot Table, or simpler solution?

    Hi All, I'm back in an office job after a couple year's absence and am pretty new to the advanced features of MS Excel. I'm using Excel 2010 and want to do the following: Build a contact list of construction companies and all the projects they are working on; then, Be able to take that data...
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    Pivot Table data source reference is not valid

    Hi All, I have been using excel 2010 for about a year now and in the past I was able to create a pivot table with out saving the workbook first. Now in the last couple of days I can no longer insert a pivot table with out getting the error message "data source reference is not valid." Does...
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    Pivot table

    I need ur help regarding a problem which i facing in Pivot table. I want to make a summary of creditor in which I show a detail creditors report transaction wise, I did make this report but in the last column I want to show the balance of each creditor transaction wise. how can i make this...
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    Pivot Table Column Width

    Hello, I am using Excel 2010 Is there any way to fix the width of columns in a Pivot table? Every time I select a different criteria setting, the column width changes - very frustrating
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    VBA create pivotcache from another XL file

    This maybe too ambitious. I have 2 workbooks. Workbook A has new data added weekly and Pivot tables refreshed. I would like Workbook B to refresh its Pivot tables from the data in Workbook A. I am newish at VBA, I have been trying to work out how to use the PivotCaches.Create method to Get...
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    Count occurances, compare to a range then assign a value

    I am new to this forum and but have learned a lot from Mr. Excel's videos so forgive my deficiencies. I have a report of account numbers that have specific transactions based on specific transaction code. I used a pivot table to count the number of transctions for each tran code, that was the...
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    Pivot Clear All in Excel 2010

    I have worked my way through Pivot Table Data Crunching Excel 2010 - great book -and have set up a number of macros for each pivot table grouping. I have set up a macro for Refresh All but it doesn't seem to work I have set up macros to refresh each state of the pivot table and that works as...
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    GETPIVOTDATA formula

    I am trying to create this formula (using Microsoft Excel 2007) in a separate sheet but it wont work. My formual so far is =GETPIVOTDATA("Delay",'DRS103 PIVOT TABLE'!$A$3,"Code","MAC") Can anyone see a problem here????
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    excel how to create pivot table from multiple worksheets

    I am using excel 2010. I am trying to create pivot table between two worksheets 'Summary' and 'Summary2'. I have identical row of data ranging from cells B5 to F5 in row 5 in both worksheets. Data in the two worksheets looks like this: Summary worksheet: Issues,20,3,4,5 Summary2 worksheet...
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    Same Data Source, Isolated Pivot Tables

    I have a data source that needs to be reported by the dimensions in network vs out of network facility vs nonfacility vs specialist billed amount vs paid amount vs eligible amount membership by line of coverage The result is a giant union of many third party administrator claims. at first, i...
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    2007/2010 Pivot table "show pages" option

    hi- in excel 2007 and 2010, the show pages function is not working in my pivot table. I have used this feature TONS in 2000. Any idea what the issue is? I can see the button, but it is greyed out. Background- the pivot table data source is an exernal database. thanks in advance for any...

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