pivot table input

  1. srw1983

    Pivot Table - Merge Columns

    Hi there, when you have a look at the pdf-file I've uploaded, you'll see my problem. I would like to have all lead banks in one column, so Excel counts for every lead (lead1, lead2, ...) its correct letter of credit, i.e. their share of the total issuance volume. Til now I couldnt figure out...
  2. M

    Pivot Table from several sheets

    Hi, I'm trying to create PT in Excel 2007 , the input for the PT should come from 2 sheets , the data in the sheets as the same headers ( the same # of col, same title name) . I saw few answers , but I guess they were directed to Excel 2003 not 2007. I know that the answer will be simple...

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