pivot table userform

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    Display an active pivot table in excel 2010 userform

    I cannot figure out for the life of me why Microsoft decided to remove the additional control for Microsoft Office Pivot table 11.0 when they updated excel 2003. Why would they take away options? In any case, this has left me with a serious problem as our office upgrades to 2010. Our entire...
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    pivot tables

    Hi, is there a way that a pivot table can be displayed on a userform? I have been searching for ages and cant find anything. Any ideas would be most welcomed. Cheers
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    Pivot table on a userform

    Hi, Is anyone familiar with how to use the additional control 'Microsoft Office Pivot Tables 11.0' to display a pivot table on a Userform. Any help/links to userguides/coding would be greatly welcomed. Many Thanks MrGJEB

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