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    Exclude (blank) from Pivot table without filtering it out

    Hi All, I have looked for answers to this one but haven't been successful finding an answer that applied to my situation. I have a 'data' sheet where each month I paste data to. Various pivot tables and charts are then automatically updated to account for the new data. To ensure that each...
  2. C

    Macro: Pivot table from another Tab

    I am trying to create a pivot table, I would like the table on a diffrent tab then that of the data. Below is the code I am using, it is running all the way through not erroring out but my screen comes up as blank. Can some one tell me why my code is not pulling in the correct data or why the...
  3. C

    Object Variable With Block Variable Not set - Error

    I am getting fancy, this is the first time I have tried to create a pivot table via a Macro, I am following my Mr Excel VBA and Macro book, I am now stuck. Below I have a section of the code refering to PT.Manualupdate = True, when running the macro I get a bug stating what you see in the title...
  4. M

    Including values in a pivot table even if there are none to be counted

    Hi, I am using pivot tables to count up and analyse grades in lists (grades A,B,C,D,E,U) I would like to be able to include all 6 possible grades in the final table and the final chart, even if there are no instances of that specific grade in the relevant data list. This is so all my final...

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