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    dynamic Pivot table range

    Hello Excel Gurus, I am seeking some help writing this code to create multiple pivot tables from - multiple data-sets that are on one worksheet. So my data-set is exported from a website, and it goes from Range "A1:L-infity". My Data-set is dynamic so the range changes when I export it...
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    Run Time error 13 - Type Mismatch Error - Creating PivotCache

    I am having an issue with my coding for creating a pivotcache - It worked perfectly in another spreadsheet; however, an update was done to the data and the column order changed so I needed to tweak some other code. I never touched the PTCache coding and it works perfectly in the other...
  3. H

    CreatePivotTable fails with Error 1004 on excel 2010

    I have following macro code that works fine on excel 2007 however when I try this on excel 2010 it fails with error 1004 - Application-defined or object-defined error. This seems to be excel version specific but I am not sure what is the cause of this error. Has anyone faced similar issues or...
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    VBA create pivotcache from another XL file

    This maybe too ambitious. I have 2 workbooks. Workbook A has new data added weekly and Pivot tables refreshed. I would like Workbook B to refresh its Pivot tables from the data in Workbook A. I am newish at VBA, I have been trying to work out how to use the PivotCaches.Create method to Get...
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    Create multiple pivot caches

    Hi I wan't to create two different pivotcaches from two named ranges. I then want to use those pivot caches in different pivot tables by only change to the loaded cache. Is this possible? Today I have the code below but it needs to much memory. Think it creates lots of different caches. For...
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    loading pivotcache data into vba array

    Q:how do i load pivotcache data directly into a VBA array? i have a pivot table with over a million rows. the connection to the original external source is inaccessible. however, the contents of the data underneath the pivot table (PivotCache?) will not change. i am aware that i can pull...
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    Updating PivotTable, why is the sourcedata limited?

    Hi, I'm working in excel 2007 but I appear to have a problem associated with the row limit from excel 2003. Can't figure it out exactly- This code snippet works- it updates the pivottable with the order data from LargeModel, which is an input earlier...

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