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    Click on a pivot chart and get the table data ... Possible?

    Hi, Building a dashboard and displaying lots of charts. However sometimes the use might need to see all the details. The details not displayed on the charts. Is there a way to click on the chart or a column/line on the chat and get back to the full details? FYI - all these charts are tied...
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    Pivot table/chart help!!!

    Hello, I am trying to create a pivot table from data that I have collected from a group questionnaire, there is 40 questions. Each question has about 5 different answer options. Every time I go to create the table it adds all the answers up to give me a total of people that answer. I already...
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    Filter a pivot based on date in a cell

    Hello, My pivot table contains dates and product received. I am trying automate the filtering of date in pivot, so that when i enter a date in a desired cell, pivot would filter with the date in the cell and return the number. I have put up the following code to achieve this. But ended up with...
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    Pivot Chart Help

    Hi All, How to integrate contents of rows as headers in values field of pivot table. Please find the attached to understand the question better. Thanks in Advance Divakar file:///C:/Users/divakar_k/Desktop/Mrexcel.JPG C:\Users\divakar_k\Desktop\Mrexcel.JPG
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    Expanding Fields in Excel 2007 Pivot Table

    Hello... anyone feeling on the ball on Monday morning? I have a pivot table (Excel 2007) with 3 groups before a count field: Country / Drink / Size / Count of names The issue is when I expand an item in the second group (say Lager) for a country (say UK) that item expands in all country...

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