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    Using one PivotTable and switching between column fields

    I have a PivotTable with names as the row and for the columns I want the user to be able to easily switch between chat total, email total, and call total, and then the values be whatever the chat, email, or call total is for the employees. Is there a way to do this without using the PivotTable...
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    Keeping Blank Columns when applying a slicer to a table from PowerPivot

    Hi, I have searched everywhere and cannot seem to find an answer to this issue. I have a couple of pivot tables built from a powerpivot query of a database on one of our servers. These tables are showing similar information so i have applied a couple of slicers, such as owner and business...
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    How to use pivot table to get a value by multiplying two different datas

    Hi everyone. I am now working on how to use pivot table calculate revenue (by multiplying volume and price) of the company. For now, I have combine two data sheets which are volume sheet and price sheet and hence create a pivot table. But at the column field there it can only show volume or...
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    PivotTable Column Addition

    I am running XL 2004 on Mac OSX 10.6. I created a 3 column list I created a pivottable based on that list. NOW I add an extra column to LIST and need to be able to modify the Pivottable to include the missing column. There doesn't seem to be a way, (short of VBA programming) to modify the...

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