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    Custom Sort List For Pivot Table

    I am trying to use VBA to create a custom sort list for a pivot table based on the order of items on wkst SortLst. My Pivot table is is Sheet2(Company Wide). I am getting subscript out of range error. Sub PivotTableSortUsingCustomLists3() Dim rng As Range Set rng =...
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    How to control a Pivot Table double click in excel 2013

    I am trying to control what happens when a pivot table is double clicked? Currently when i double click it creates a new sheet with the data. I want to be able to rename the new sheet to the existing Sheetname with the pivot table eg. CustomerInterests + the word 'Data' on the end. I also...
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    Excel - Pivot Table - Show All

    Hi All Need to link data in a pivot table to a formated page. As such it would be handy to get the pivot table to remain the same size and have the data appear in the same order regardless of whether there is actualy any reslust... EG Current pivot table Rate Count AAA 2 AA...

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