1. R

    Calculation based on existing column, don't know range

    Need help with the following: I have a height and width column in pixel count. I convert the pixels to inches without a problem. How do I figure out the last row in the column. They amount of rows will change every time I pull my data. In other words, how can I create my calculation for each...
  2. M

    Simple way to increment by 10% until a value is reached?

    Hi all, I am working on resizing an image in Photoshop rather drastically, and one of the tips to to go in 10% increments until I reach my goal, and since I am looking at roughly 100 steps, I was thinking that I could calculate my numbers in Excel. I'm just not sure how to do that. I am starting...
  3. F

    Windows DPI Settings Affecting P_rint

    Hello, I am trying to create a series of forms to be used throughout my company but have noticed they print different on other user's computer's than my own. I used VBA to manually set the print margins and print area, but the problem persisted. After much frustration, I came to realize that...
  4. J

    Cell Size ratio ??

    This is just to satisfy my own curiosity Why is Cell height measured differently than Cell width? Standard Cell height is 15, which is equal to 20 pixels, and that's about 1/4 inch. And standard Cell width is is 8.43 which is equal to 64 pixels and that's about 3/4 inch. So my first question...
  5. S

    Counting the number of white pixels in a Bitmap image

    Hi, I’m wondering if it’s possible – using VBA in Excel 2013 on Windows 7 – to open a bitmap image and count the number of white pixels contained in it? Searching the forum I found this old thread which appears to be asking a similar question. There was a promising reply but the OP didn’t...
  6. S

    Row height - point size and pixels

    Hello, I'm having a strange problem. I have Excel 2007 installed on multiple machines in an office. On nearly every computer, a row height of 1 pixel corresponds to 0.75 points. However, on one system (a Dell laptop), a row height of 1 pixel is corresponding to 0.6 points. This ends up...
  7. S

    Text width in pixels

    Hello, I need to get width of text in pixels. I need it for two reasons: 1) to be able to use Data Validation and UDF in a way that user won’t be able to type text which does not fit in the cell 2) to be able to do the same as in (1) but with ~ 50 000 string queries at a time (I will read data...

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