please have mercy

  1. HeRoseInThree

    =large question

    My formula =LARGE(AE$2:AE$999999,AK2) works great BUT if it locates a duplicate value, it reports the first of the two twice. Is there a way to correct this? Thanks in advance!
  2. S

    Index , Vlookup Average Formula

    Hello, I am trouble creating a formula to go into Cells B2:I2, Im trying to have Excel say Find the Text "Scheduled Date" match the date below with a date in Row 1 and provide the information in Column M for Test 1 , Only Information from the Text "Scheduled Date to Subtotal" Belongs to Test 1...
  3. J

    How to insert an image of your choice with a macro

    Hello everyone, i am looking to click a button and have a specific folder open to insert a picture or two. Any help would be great.
  4. G

    Help With cleaning data to a specific description

    Hello, I have a data set of ~2500 rows, the data im concerned with is the description. The description has large variations within the data set, i am looking to consolidate the descriptions to a common description. For example ...
  5. E

    AVG, MED, 75th of filtered list, No Zeros

    I am attempting to find the average, median and 75th percentile in a list of data that I have, but I would like to exclude zeros from the calculations. Column D has various years (2012,2013,2014) and Column E has salaries. Essentially, I am trying to develop formulas that do these three things...
  6. L

    Combo box (Active X) / Autocomplete / Data Validation

    Hi everybody. I'm having issues with setting up multiple drop-down boxes to auto-complete with a set list of data values. I've got two tabs that have multiple drop-down boxes utilizing the same data values from a third tab. Because some of the drop-downs have multiple selections (Country for...
  7. T

    How do I paste text into a cell without overwriting the text that is already there with VBA/macro? I want the macro to be relative because the actual data is in adjacent 2 lists so it just keeps going down. All the VBA I know just overwrites the cell or Takes the first row's formula copied as a quote and applies that to every output rather than whats inside the...
  8. S

    Sumif Inception!

    Hi Everyone, I maintain a contracts database and need to automate the total qty column. Having a really tough time getting it to automatically show those numbers. Summary: This data represents one contract (internally it is contract #18, externally, it is contract #21). It is broken down into...
  9. J

    'invalid control variable reference' error

    Hi all, I am trying to copy an example from a textbook so that i can edit it for my own use and i have typed out the Macro they apparently used. i Have checked a few time and can't see the error but i keep getting a 'invalid control variable reference' error and can't get any further. I would...
  10. M

    Multiple If statements and issues with nesting. Help please?

    =IF(WEEKDAY('WEEK 37'!M3,2)=1,WORKDAY('WEEK 37'!N3+4,0),IF(WEEKDAY('WEEK 37'!M3,2)=2,WORKDAY('WEEK 37'!N3+3,0)),IF(WEEKDAY('WEEK 37'!M3,2)=3,WORKDAY('WEEK 37'!N3+2,0)),IF(WEEKDAY('WEEK 37'!M3,2)=4,WORKDAY('WEEK 37'!N3+2,0)),IF(WEEKDAY('WEEK 37'!M3,2)=5,WORKDAY('WEEK 37'!N3+1,0))) So I want the...
  11. turtsmurt

    ?Worksheet references without using the sheet "NAME".

    Can anyone tell me how to use the below code for different workbooks where the Sheet Names are going to change in each workbook? I am a novice at writing code (as I am sure you can tell). We have a program set up that provides us with a daily workbook. I have a macro that creates a STATS...

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