1. C

    Excel VBA 2016 Changes in Chart Commands

    Hi All, I have an Excel VBA macro that runs perfectly fine in 2010 and 2013, however it bombs in 2016 when it encounters the setting of the plot size characteristics. Following are the specific settings in my code that give me trouble now: .PlotArea.Width = 630 .PlotArea.Left...
  2. AgentSmith

    PlotArea and GradientAngle

    I have a chart which has a gradient fill in the Plot Area. For the chart to look right, users must adjust the gradient stop positions and angle of the gradient by eye. To help them I'm providing a couple of controls. The stop positions are easy enough to work with in VBA but I can't see how to...
  3. J

    PivotArea.Format.Fill with picture from Clipboard

    Hey all, After about an hour of searching I am stumped. Excel 2007 has a nice feature that when you select the plot area of a chart, right click, select Format Plot Area..., then select the Fill tab and select the "Picture or Text Fill" radio button, you have the option to hit a button and...

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