1. C

    How to add more IPA symbols along with their position in a Graph in an existing template

    Hi I have two questions: 1. How can I add more IPA symbols to this existing temple along with their plotting. 2. How can I add more speakers data in the same template. The supporting video link is as under: I wrote many times to the Author/ creator of...
  2. B

    Help me with chart

    i am creating graph individually instead of doing individually iam planning to add data in "Master"sheet from this sheet chart need to create with the name of 4.800 to 5.400 Ex: Chart1:4.800(Change Sheet tab Name) Chart2:4.825 Chart3:4.850 Chart4:4.875...5.400 i want to sink my data from...
  3. 6

    Plotting Pixels

    Hi, I am trying to plot a Mandelbrot using "gdi32" library function SetPixel after setting 1DC = GetWindowDC(0) Seems to work initially but the Excel window seems to reset/refresh halfway through the plot and either stops plotting or the completed portion of the plot disappears completely. I...
  4. J

    Making min-max-average bar charts work

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to recreate this graphical representation for my data, which is an aggregation that consists of many series each with three columns: min, max, and average in the range from 1.0 to 4.0. I've experimented with floating bar charts, where I've created a fourth column...
  5. P

    An attendance plotting with help of a formula

    Hello all, Can some one help me in the below case? Now what I need is to find out who was absent on respective days. In the below chart, X denotes absence. Day 1 = Mr. X Day 2 = Mr. Y | Mr. C Day 3 = Mr. A | Mr. B Day 4 = Mr. C Is there any way to achieve this with just formula? I'm okay if...
  6. A

    Excel VBA Plotting

    Hello everyone, Could someone help me with the plotting of bar and line graphs given an arrays of x and y values in VBA? I want to plot the rDateRange and rOEERange. Thank you Dim rInitialDate As Range, rFinalDate As Range, rDateRange As Range, Calculation As Worksheet With...
  7. R

    Please Help- Importing multiple files

    I have multiple files that I want to import into the same spreadsheet. The files are extension .asc but import as text, tab delimited, two columns wide. I want to then perform a -log() function on the second column. Then I want to plot the first column and the -log result. I need to import...
  8. D

    Excel 2007: Not plotting first month with zero value without plotting all 12 months and changing months to Jan 12 times

    Having a problem with Excel 2007. Our fiscal year starts in Oct. I want to show all 12 months in the horizontal axis and only plot one dot at zero for Oct since we did not complete any projects for the month. Instead, it will be blank for all 12 months or will plot zero for all 12 months and...
  9. D

    Plot large number of lines while keeping them in the same style

    Hello Everyone. Could you please help me with one question, because I am already struggling for a few hours. I want to plot large number of lines, which consist of two dots each, where each dot has (x,y) coordinates. I also want them to be plotted in exact the same style (e.g. color, marks and...
  10. E

    Ignore blank series in legend wthout VBA

    I have created a chart to show several different output options as a result of the input options. I am able to view 20 different outputs based on my input combinations. On the side of the table i simply have a column where the user can put an "x" and if so the results are plotted. I am able...
  11. J

    VBA Automatic Plotting Help

    Hi Everyone, I am fairly new to VBA coding, and I needed some simple help. For my x-axis, I want to select time. For my Y-axis, I want to select temperature. This data is already provided to me. I want to plot the data using scatter of line graph options. The problem arises because the data...
  12. 5

    plotting in excel - ideas welcome

    Good evening. this may seem a strange request. my problem is that i need to plot containers (that carry cargo) on an area in the spreadsheet that can be removed, named and colour coded. all i have came up with so far is using the drawing tool and physically dragging the conatiner into...
  13. E

    scientific calulations using scattter and trendlines

    :confused: Hi all, firstly I am wanting to plot a non linear XY data set (essentially 2 sets of nearly linear data with different slopes). then I would like to start working from the end pair of XY point with a linear trendline adding a pair to the trendlne fit at a time, examining the r value...
  14. D

    Excel 2003 charts not plotting accurately

    I have two Excel charts not plotting accurately. In one simple line chart, we have one data point that should be around 350 but it shot up to 784. (X axis was a short series of dates, with a 1:1 plotting ratio) All the rest of the numbers plotted fine.ᅠ And today, in a completly different and...

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