1. I

    Code not working as it should

    Morning, I have a userform which after selecting from a drop down list its then sent to my worksheet. ComboBox5 has the options as follows, 1 2 3 OLD 3 PIN PLUG This is then sent to the cell in column E My problem is that when the OLD 3 PIN PLUG is selected the transfered data in the cell reads...
  2. E

    concatenating cells together depending on criteria?!

    hi, is there a way to concatenate the contents of multiple cells together depending on IF certain criteria? EG we have "item names" in Column A and their corresponding "order codes" in Column B So sometimes we can have a plug, but it has 3 different order codes. Is there a Marco or Function...
  3. M

    Multiple if

    lubumbashi 356 kitwe 320 kasumbalesa 356 lusaka 325 ndola 300 kipushi 425 zambia 325 those are road toll fees for those country formula on any cell to read b6 and plug the exact road toll I have done this but dont recall how i did it
  4. M

    Reflash if or

    Formula on c29 if b6 is KASUMBALESA or LUBUMBASHI then plug fare as 480,000
  5. K

    sparkline with no adjacent range

    Hello - I want to create a sparkline with with no adjacent range I have values in B2, C2 and E2, F2, G2 I have added a name range to these cells but when I tried to plug the values in the sparkline getting error data range not valid. Help? Thanks!
  6. R

    Conditional format- is it possible to...

    Hi All, I have a fairly complex spreadsheet and I use a lot of conditional formatting. The issue that I have is that I don't always know why the condition is true indicated by a hi-lighted cell. I would like to hover over a cell and see a message explaining the condition. Are there plug ins that...
  7. J

    Score Sheet

    <tbody> B C D E F G H I J K Q R S T U V 3 Sit and Reach Sit-ups Push-ups Run Sit and Reach Sit-ups Push-ups Run Final Score 4 10.5 65% 30 65% 20 65% 0:17:29 - 0:17:15 65% Subject 1 5 11 66% 31 66% 21 66% 0:17:14 - 0:17:00 66% Subject 2 </tbody>...
  8. P


    I'm having problems with the syntax of a function. I want to count the number of time a number comes up, my formula would be; =COUNTIF(A1:A50,A1<>A2). It's the A1<>A2 that I can't get to plug in correctly. What would the SUMPRODUCT function look like to do the same thing? Thanks
  9. S

    Equation into Excel using PEMDAS

    Hello All, I am trying to put formula A13 into Excel but am not sure how to write it using PEMDAS. Any help would be appreciated as I can just plug in the numbers for things like Pmax and etc. Thank you in advance...

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