1. K

    Loan Amortization

    Hi Examples of Loan Amortization schedules using Excel's PMT, IPMT functions are available, with a fixed interest and fixed tenure values. I have a loan which has a variable interest depending on the central banks' reference value. Due to the variable interest, the monthly payment is kept...
  2. M

    How can I find out a annual increasing PMT for a value

    I have a future value of 2307936 (after 5 years) and need to make an investment every month, with an annual increase of 10%. The rate of return on investment is 9% per annum. If there is no annual increase of 10% I am getting 30882 as PMT. How do I calculate with 10% annual increase.
  3. fedcco

    Formula to add amout if paid or "0" if not paid in a specific column.

    I need a formula that will add the late fee amount from column "J" to column "L" if "Paid" is typed on column "K" or $0 in column "L" if "Owed" is typed in column "K". I also need the same function to happen to column "N" if "Paid or Owed" is typed in column "M". Your input will be greatly...
  4. J

    Nest NPV function within PMT formula as the argument for "PV" .

    I've been given a particularly diabolical challenge, and for the life of me, I cannot make it work. The challenge is to execute within a single cell a formula that will calculate "EAC: equivalent annual cost" within a single cell. There are two distinct steps in the calculation; first, one...
  5. D

    How to account for irregular mortgage payments regarding date paid?

    The function PMT is very helpful in creating an amortization table. The problem with PMT is that it assumes that payments are made at the same time every month. I am trying to create an amortization table that accounts for early or late payments and adjusts the interest amount accordingly...
  6. P

    Why excel PMT functions's outcome is different from my calculation

    Hello all, Below PMT function is giving me 879,16 for 10%, 12 monthes and 10 000. =PMT(D2/12,12,D1) with D2=10%, Can you please explain howdoes excel comes with this 879,16 outcome? In my mind I do the same calculation like: 10% of 10 000 is 1000. A total amount is 10 000 + 1000 = 11 000. I...
  7. C

    Macro help

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a macro that if the 'PMT Day' is Monday and the invoice date is today or earlier - will put that line onto another sheet with the tab name (Clients name). <colgroup><col><col><col span="2"><col><col><col span="2"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Vehicle Reg Amount £...
  8. J

    PMT or the bank?

    I am trying to calculate the monthly installment on a loan of 23000, interest rate of 0.49% monthly, for 12 months. Using PMT I get a value of 1,978.26 but the bank guy tells me it's 2029.37. So who's right?
  9. L

    PMT() returns -ve value in red

    Hi I understand why PMT() returns negative value. But what I do not understand how excel write that value in red? Does that function change the format of the cell? It is not by default in excel that the negative value is in red? I have feeling that PMT() programmed to put the -ve value in red...
  10. M

    PMT FV Calculation

    Hi all! I have always used the search function of this website to find solutions to my problems but for this one I cannot find the solution so I would require some help. The problem is such (purely fictional ;)) Person X plans to retire at 60 and would like to take out £30,000 a year for 20...
  11. S

    PMT formula with multiple interest rate

    Hello I would like to use the PMT formula to calculate interest rate in situation where interest rate is changing. For example Loan Amount = 100,000 Initial Interest Rate = 5% for 24 months which reverts to 8% for next 276 months EMI for first 2 years = PMT (0.05/12, 24, 100000, FUTURE_VALUE)...
  12. J

    Advanced Loan Analysis

    Hi all, I am attempting to do some financial analysis for a redevelopment project my company is currently working on - I say attempting because a lot of my modeling skills seem to have escaped me. My first problem is a loan with a change in interest rate after year 5. So for the first 5...
  13. S

    Payment from Loan Company different than PMT

    Hi all, I just bought a Camry, and am financing through TFS (Toyota Financial Services). On the paperwork, it says the rate is 5.5% and I am borrowing $11,306 for 4 years, and that makes my monthly payment $263.54. However, when I enter these numbers in Excel and use the PMT formula, it...
  14. M

    Calculating Interest and Principal Payments in 365 day year

    Does anyone know how to adjust the IPMT and PPMT formulas to account for a 365 day year versus a 360 day year? Or is there another way for this to be done?
  15. L

    Excel =pmt formula

    My client owes the bank 5988.77. Over 12 months at 23% using =pmt this is 563.36 per month. I need a formula or a method to calculate how many months will be required if the client can only pay say 70.32 per month. Neither Tools / Goal seek nor Tables seem to work for me. Any ideas would be...

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