1. K

    Struggling with Loops

    I have two worksheets in my workbook. Sheet1 contains customer order information with column A holding their account number. Sheet2 contains customers name & address information with column A also holding their account number. I need VBA code to start at cell A2 of sheet1 and check the account...
  2. S

    Extracting numeric portion of address with p.o. Box help?

    the following formula is used for extracting the numeric portion of the home address. However, how can I add onto this formula to give me the numeric portion of the p.o. box. The addresses appear on a single column but the formula leaves the po box cells blank because it's not finding a numeric...
  3. A

    Splitting Address Out With Spaces

    Hi I've been given a large amount of data to transfer from one system to another, the problem I have is that the original data is space delimitited, for example; 12 High Street Leeds Flat 1 28 New Street Openshaw Manchester P.O. Box 255 15 Low Street Hackney London Other than using text to...
  4. T

    Auto-populate P.O. info

    Hello all. I'm updating our P.O. form again as it has been requested that wave letter representations be placed behind our P.O. number so that anyone looking will know how many waves of collateral materials were ordered just by looking at the P.O. I tried to add on to my original formula which...
  5. B

    Outstanding balance formula in Pivot

    Hi everyone, my first post on here, so please be kind. I have a list of invoices raised and alongside each which Purchase Order they refer to. In a Pivot I can see the total invoices raised against each P.O, but I am struggling to show the outstanding value of the P.O. The list is constantly...

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