1. K

    Converting Bill of Materials to Pivot Table

    I've got a BOM in the following format: <tbody> Item Description 1 Pants 1.1 Right Pants Pocket 1.1.1 Keys 1.1.2 Change 1.1.3 Phone 1.2 Left Pants Pocket 1.3 Back Pants Pocket 1.3.1 Wallet 1.3.2 Comb 2 Hat 3 Shirt 3.1 Right Shirt Pocket 3.2...
  2. B

    selection change issue

    Here is the image with Brief Description if E3 value =1 Format need to draw with pocket1 as shown in picture if E3 value =2 Format need to draw with pocket1 and Pocket 2 should be visible https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IRsWrgdi0kD6fbu6W3PRCrRdY95ihaUw
  3. R

    Pocket Excel

    I'm using a Dell Axim X5 with a scanner to scan the barcodes of books into a software that gives me the books current prices on the net. I recently needed to also scan the books into pocket excel, but want to scan the bar codes only once. Is there a way to set pocket excel up to input the...

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