1. R

    MAXIF and return another column

    Hi, Please can somebody help? The purpose is to get the Max of column C for each AssetID(column B) and then return whether it’s a Cross Arm or Pole but I’d need to returnall values for Poles and Cross Arm if the highest occurs more than once per AssetID. So just for the below example, the...
  2. B

    Pivot table question

    I am trying to build a pivot table that will sum up the total number of Transfer items in the Wa Cd column and total the # of actual reported hours for the entire Job Number. If I filter on the transfer item it will only total the number of transfers. Is this possible in a pivot table? Below is...
  3. B

    If statement

    Does anyone know of a formula I can use to remove rows if statement is true. Ex. If value in column g is 622m and column D's value is duplicated in column D then place a 1 in cell if true. below is a sample <colgroup><col width="84" style="width: 63pt; mso-width-source: userset...

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