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    Generate a pop up message based on several conditions

    Hi, I am having trouble generating a message when multiple conditions meet, the code I am using is below. The data is coming in from PI process book and are all declared correctly. If CV3033Run = "On" And FD3031Run = "STOP" And FDFD3032RUN = "STOP" And PC1SV < 400 And PC2WRB = "Off" And PC2ERB...
  2. S

    Pop up message in excel whenever the cell value has changed

    Sir, In Excel i want pop up message whenever the particular cell value has changed. The cell value is changed automatically while changing the value the pop up message appears in front of the screen.
  3. J

    Popup message after clicking macro button

    Hello, I have the code below which I am using to send a spreadsheet by clicking a button. How would I go about having a popup message appear after clicking the button? What would the code look like for that? Thanks in advance. Sub SendWorkSheet() 'Update 20131209 Dim xFile As String Dim...
  4. V

    Charts dynamic range invalid reference : get rid of "invalided references" pop up VBA

    Hi guys I have created a workbook composed of many sheets that have charts..Each chart is populated thanks to dynamic ranges ("named range"). I download the data from Bloomberg, do some basic calculations on these time series and plug them into some charts, and update them every day with the...
  5. D

    Error Message

    Hello i want to display a pop up message when a particular textbox is empty in the userform before i click on the command button...is there any kind of vba code for that???
  6. T

    Pop up message to remind deadline

    Hello ;) I am just wondering if it is possible that when I open an excel workbook (version 2010), it will remind me via pop up message that there is something due today? Example if date today is 14-08-14 -- removed inline image --- Based on the data above, I want excel to remind me that...
  7. L

    Pop-Up Message for only when a cell's value changes and not when other cells change

    I want to create a pop-up message for two of the cells that contain a formula. Cell A10 counts dates entered in column A for the current calendar year. E10 totals the hours and minutes in column E. I was able to create the following code: Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() If...
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    Mouse over

    Hello, I'm trying to create a functional document to place on my company's internal site so new hires can have a centralized reference guide to figure out what we're talking about when we spout off acronyms and such. Nothing I'm doing seems to be working out the way I want so I'm in need of...
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    show message when workbook is saving

    i would like to show a message when the workbook is saving as i have a big document and it can take up to 30 seconds to save. i would like the message to be displayed until the process is complete. does any one have any ideas? Would be a big help Thanks tom
  10. A

    Cause pop up reminder before printing to check page breaks

    Aloe all, here is my issue: When we print an invoicing worksheet, we adjust the page breaks depending on how many days/shifts we need to cover and we reuse the same workbook as a template for the next one. So, if someone was using one that covered 7 days and the next one only covered 1 and they...
  11. P

    popup based on two conditions

    I have this vb script which basically states if a value in column G is less than 0 then show a messaage box as below. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Cells.Count <> 1 Then Exit Sub If Not Intersect(Target, Range("G3:G371")) Is Nothing Then If...
  12. R

    validation date n pop up msg

    I want when excel file is opened. vba verify the date. if are on a certain date (eg June 30, 2012) will display a pop-up messages that have message: "The file needs to be updated. Click OK to renew or click Cancel to view the contents of the file" ... So in a pop-up messages have OK and Cancel...
  13. N

    Help in Programming and Making macros work after re-opening file

    Hello all, I don't have any experience with the macros programming however I have managed to create the following programme with the help found from older posts here: I have a spreadsheet with fields for writing down daily expenses so at one of the months (specific worksheet) I want a msgbox...
  14. K

    popups stop macro

    Hello, this query is more for my curiosity than need. I'm using 2007 and Win XP. What code do I use to answer yes to a popup generated by a macro? The popup occurs when I move sheets that have a vlookup formula into another workbook that has the same formula. The popup asks, "YES" or "NO", if I...
  15. B

    Pop-Up Notification Box ??????

    Can anyone tell me how to create a notification box pop-up that will open when I open the excel file. This will be a notification box that will list instructions on how to use the excel spreadsheet I am creating. Any help would be greatly appreciated!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...

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