populating cells

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    Struggling with data matching

    <tbody> Supplier acc# PO Email address Acc name ALAN03 839766 Alan Evans BLUE01 839777 Blue Seal FIRS02 839888 First Choice EAST01 89999 East Anglian MEIK01 829999 Meiko </tbody> Hi - above is a list of orders (table # 1) where I need to retrieve email...
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    Run-Time Error when Trying to Populate Cells

    Hello All, I am trying to populate cells with a date that is located next to a cell with the word "Visit." This is my code: lRow = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row Do While True If Cells(lRow, 6) = "Visit" Then sLastValue = Cells(lRow, 5) Else Cells(lRow, 5) = sLastValue End If...
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    Populating a code field with the description field

    I have a list of codes and I want to populate the field next to it with the description of the code. I have the list of codes and descriptions in another table. How do I match them up?
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    importing data from tabs

    Hello all, This my my first time using a forum like this so bear with me please. I'm working on a spread sheet to track inventories and sales. I'd like to auto populate new tabls with information from exsisting tabs, ie. product names, formulas and final inventory figures. Is there an easys way...
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    Populate data based on ranges of other data

    Hi there, I'm new to VBA but not to programming in general. I need to populate a cell based on another cell. So if a cell has $0 - $100, the other cell needs to populate with $.15 and another cell populates with $15. If the cell is $100 - $250, the other cell populates with $.10 and another...

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