populating lists

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    Self - populating date specific data to another sheet each day.

    I've hit abrick wall in a spreadsheet that I am working on. I am trying to get 1 spread sheet to read the data from a column from another sheet in the same workbook (in which the column heading is the dates of the whole month). I need it to pull new data every day as the date changes. The...
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    Continuously populating a list from a single cell input

    Currently I have a worksheet that employees record data obtained from testing. The data cosists of measurements of impurity levels in a specific substance. What I would like to happen is : The employee manually inputs a value into a cell. This value is then automatically added to a list that...
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    Need Quote Sheet To Only Display Products with Quantities?

    I have a product sheet with quantities for various products spec'd out for a designed system. The majority of products are not used on every system so their quantity value is 0. I am in the process of automating a quote sheet that gives a breakdown of what customers are being charged and I want...

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