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  1. L

    I have Power Map installed, but can't get it on my ribbon

    I've gone through Accounting-->Options and activated, deactivated and activated again, but nothing I do will get the map button to show up on the Insert ribbon. I recently had my installation re-installed because I couldn't find Power Pivot to activate, and once they reloaded I noticed I now...
  2. F

    Power Maps Radius Circles

    Hi, I am using power view (power maps) to plot plants and supplier location. I was successfully able to do so using city and state. Next, I would like to create radius circles based on distance (miles) around each supplier to identify what the closest plant is based off a 50 mile radius. Does...
  3. M

    Update Power Map to use Filter feature?

    Hi I am curious how to update my Excel/Power Map to take advantage of the new filter feature. When I go to Excel/Account/Update.. it tells me I'm up to date... but no filter in the map.. Is this the right path to update Power BI?
  4. MrExcel

    What is Power BI

    If you are looking for a good introduction to the tools in the Power BI stack, start here: What is Power BI? « PowerPivotPro
  5. L

    POWER VIEW - does not recognize the addresses - POWER MAP does

    Hi, Please find an example of the table below which I am trying to put in a map in Power view. Power view opens but do not recognize / locate the addresses in the Czech Republic. Funnily enough, using the same table, Power Map is able to locate the address automatically. Power view works as I...

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