powerpoint 2016

  1. H

    Update PowerPoint Slide from Excel Sheet with Macros

    Goodmorning, I need to create a Macro in my Excel Sheet, which automatically updates a graph on a PowerPoint Slide. Both Files already exist and I just need to tell two kinds of things: "copy this from excel and paste it here on the slide" and "copy this from excel, open this graph inputs and...
  2. M

    VBA needed to Update/ Change many linked excel charts in PowerPoint 2019 presentation. Change the entire path name including the Drive Letter

    I’ve seen a lot of examples of doing this, none that worked. I have a PPT presentation with over 200 linked charts to an excel file on my computer. Current FULL Path: "C:\Users\”myname”\Documents\1-MyDocuments\1-Annetta\OT\SURVEYS\2019 Survey #2 SYMPTOMS & DIAGNOSES\NEW FILTERED CHARTS AND DATA...
  3. O

    Using VBA to create certificates in Powerpoint from excel cell values

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Everyone, As you may already have imagined, VBA has kicked my butt to the point where I needed to bother you guys, so apologies for that. Summary of effort- I have a pre-made Powerpoint template (graduation certificates for students) that has two fields that...
  4. P

    Sunburst Chart - how to rotate the series around

    Hi, I am trying to make a sunburst chart using this chart option in PowerPoint 2016 - however I am unable to rotate the series around. For example in the chart in the attached file, how do I rotate the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th series horizontally to align with the overall slide? Any help would be...
  5. V

    Linking excel to powerpoint

    Similar to the bookmarks function in word, I would like to have values in powerpoint linked to excel (not a graph) and automatically update as the numbers change. Example In excel: Revenue 1,234,567 In powerpoint in textbox: Revenue for the last fiscal year was 1,234,567...
  6. H

    How do I add functions to a tabstrip?

    I have ppt 2016 and I was wondering how to add items to a tabstrip. I guess the answer is very simple, but despite this I haven't a clue, and scouting the net would not give me a hint. Any ideas? When I try the objects do not move when I switch tabs and simply sit there. I use VBA.
  7. L

    Change Default PPT Addin Keystroke Accelerator

    Hi, I've created a PowerPoint addin that allows me to manipulate shapes using a new toolbar with buttons connected to various macros. When I install the addin, PowerPoint automatically assigns keystroke accelerators to the buttons I created on the new addin toolbar...[Alt, X, Y1]....[Alt, X...
  8. J

    Updating Excel Links in Powerpoint using VBA

    I have a PowerPoint presentation that is linked to an Excel sheet containing data that is refreshed monthly. I have written a macro that will refresh the data in the excel sheet, but I'm struggling to automate the updating of the links in the PowerPoint. When I open up the PowerPoint...
  9. E

    How do I paste an array of predefined ranges from excel into powerpoint as embed/link

    I've tried mishmashing different codes with similar features on the internet to produce the desired effect however with predefined ranges in an array, I realize that the range doesn't get pasted as embed/linked. I'm trying to have one range per slide in a new powerpoint slide for easier...
  10. C

    Excel to Powerpoint

    Hello! I am working on creating a macro that takes excel documents and pastes them into a Powerpoint 2016 document. I am almost there but I can't get the content to paste into a specific PowerPoint template...if I open powerpoint first then it will adopt the theme/template that is currently...

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