1. B

    Practice Schedule Help

    Hello all, I need some help I have 10 teams that need to be scheduled for practices for a season. I have a spreadsheet of he time slots that are already predetermined. Is there way to distribute the teams across the time slots to reach their required practice counts? For example, tier teams...
  2. A

    VBA Practice?

    Hi all, I find myself always posting on the forums and asking for assistance with VBA. Majority of the times I get the help I need which is great, but usually have a hard time understanding what the code actually does/means. I would say I'm an advanced Excel user but still a beginner with VBA. I...
  3. A

    Pilot needs help for personal project!

    Hi I had made a cool post asking for help but it got deleted so Im going straight to the point. I have an excel and In Column B I have the name of different race car drivers. In columns C and D I have their ranked position in practice 1 (C) and practice 2 (D). In column E I have their rank...
  4. D

    best practice for multiple if conditions

    Hi hoping someone can help I've got multiple if statement which I would be fine writing in excel but struggling in powerquery (the below is not working expecting another then?!) would appreciate any help and what the best practice would be for the below and if anyone can make it work that would...
  5. L

    cleaning file samples

    Hi Where can I find excel files which has raw data need to be cleaned/formatted etc, remove duplicate, blank cells etc. I want to practice that on real life files. Is there any website I can down load these files from? Thank you very much.
  6. M

    Listing multiple diseases for a single patient

    Hi I have an SQL extract table of patients with one or more diseases recorded for them. Each patient/disease information is a separate record/line. Through a pivot, I can see which patient has more than one disease recorded and which diseases are included. However, the pivot contains all...
  7. S

    Excel Question....?

    I'm trying to study a true/false test i'll be having. is there anyway i can input that into the computer so i can practice it.... and what is the code or where can i get it??? I am completly clueless on where to start
  8. L

    Free Access database for educational purpose

    Hi I want to learn how to import data from Access into Excel. I want to practice that. Where can I find free Access database to download so I can practice that? thank you.
  9. T

    Clearing object variables

    Is it good practice to clear an object variable before using it? For example: Option Explicit Sub ClearingObjects() Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = Worksheets("Sheet1") ws.Cells(1, 1).Value = 1 Set ws = Nothing Set ws = Worksheets("Sheet2")...
  10. jgrob3

    Can you help test our Excel test?

    We recently completed an online Excel test that people can take then post the results to Facebook so if you're an Excel expert and have 5 min to spare, we'd love to get your input on the questions and format to help make it better. If you can help, we'd really appreciate it ... plus you can let...

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