1. H

    Hour Tracking with Multiple Overtime Tiers and Shift Premiums

    Hi, I'm putting together a timesheet for my company and I'm having a bit of trouble doing hour totaling. On the same sheet I have rows for different job numbers and columns for days of the week. I also have 2 sections on one sheet, one relating to regular time worked and one relating to hours...
  2. J

    Formula for deciding shift differential based on a start time

    Hi i'm trying to figure out how to write a formula that would look at a shift start time and based on that time would output the correct shift premium to the cell. So I have 3 scenarios a start time from 05:00 to 13:59 no premium. 14:00 to 21:59 .75 cents per hour and lastly 22:00 to 04:59...
  3. E

    Premium shift pay formula?

    Hello. I have been going thru the payroll videos and I was trying to see if there is a video on shift premiums? Unless I missed it, maybe? I want to find a formula where a special shift premium is added to the employees pay from 7:00 pm to 1:00 am. The employee may actually start their shift...
  4. T

    Macro to remove rows where the difference between to cells is more than 0.05

    Hi everyone, I have a sheet of data, In Column "N" in have last years premium. In Column "R" in have this years premium. I want to have a macro remove all the data where the premiums are the same. but to give a leeway of 0.05 or 5p as last year it might have been sold at £456.95 and this year...
  5. B

    IF LOOKUP functions help

    OK I am having trouble with an IF LOOKUP formula SHEET 1 <tbody>#DAE7F5[/URL] "] A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q 1 2 #000000[/URL] "]Product #000000[/URL] "]Lot #000000[/URL] "]Subdivision Stage #000000[/URL] "]Classification #000000[/URL] "]Quality #000000[/URL] "]Type...
  6. T

    Invoicing VBA Solution - Please Help

    Hi there There are 16 properties made up of 54 tenants. We arrange the insurance and pay a rounded premium for the entire portfolio. The total premium has been apportioned per property already by the insurance company, and I have now apportioned the premium per tenant per property within the...
  7. Y

    Problem with choosing multiple item under selected field in pivot table (using VBA)

    I have problem to code macro to select multiple item under a particular field in pivot table. The criteria for the item being used is coming from a table in another sheet (brand) Brand Brand Cde AAA BBB CCC BIO BCL PivotTableSheet (pick some sample...
  8. M

    working out an equivalent compound interest rate for premium bonds

    I want to compare the winnings from my premium bonds over the last 4.5 years with what I'd have got in interest if the capital had been in a savings account. Basically I started with £x in bonds 4.5 years ago, I won 7 x £25 in prizes at random intervals and now have £Y in bonds (the winnings...
  9. S

    VBA to swap values

    Hi, I have a large dataset, about 4000 rows, which I need to correct some values in case of a criteria. Below is the example of my data: <tbody> Order ID Product Type Dollar Amount 11 Low grade 20 11 Premium 35 11 Low grade 10 12 Premium 50 12 Premium 20 12 Low grade 10 12 Low...
  10. C

    copy rows to another worksheet based on cell value

    I need to copy rows from one worksheet within a workbook to another based on values within one of the cells. The spreadsheet is an assessment data tracker I'm working on for my school but I'd like it to automatically filter the whole set of data based on specific values e.g. one page will...
  11. T

    Formula help using age ranges, current salary and premium amounts to calculate totals

    I am trying to create a formula in excel to give me a monthly premium amount for disability coverage. I have current age in one column and annual salary in a other column. I need to take annual salary divided by 12 months then divide by 100. Monthly salary cannot exceed $6000.00. That part is...
  12. B

    Commission Net Down Calculations Request

    Hi All, I am trying to figure out a formula so I can create a calculator for use in my business. I am trying to figure out the calculations needed to net down the commission and find the correct commission & premium amount. Example below: I am the insurer. I have quoted a piece of business to...
  13. T

    Power Pivot

    I have 365 business premium and don't have the power pivot and other BI. Can I upgrade or do I have to set up another account and purchase 365 proplus? Can I upgrade my whole 365 business premium to proplus?
  14. K

    Trying to build off an exisitng formula

    Hello - I have the following formula =ROUND(IF(F$21=TRUE,$T$13*(MAX((F43-$C$78),($C$59))+($C$61))*$C$60,0),0) F43 is the annual premium C78 is the subsidy amount C59 is the minimum C61 is the surcharge C60 monthly pay frequency I need to add the following logic to the max formula if C71 =...
  15. G

    Any update on cheaper Premium SKUs?

    Anyone hear any new rumours?

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