1. W

    Runtime error 1004 when trying to create a PowerPoint presentation

    I am using the following code to create a PowerPoint presentation. Sub PowerPoint() Dim ar As Range, R As Range Dim PowerPointApp As Object, myPresentation As Object Dim mySlide As Object, myShape As Object 'Dim PowerPointApp As PowerPoint.Application, myPresentation As Presentation...
  2. C

    VBA Looping Presentation

    Dear Excel Wizards, I am currently a student taking my first class on visual basic. Our class's first project is to create a looping presentation using VBA. Basically, we need to write a code that uses the Loop until function. It is a very open ended question and it is open to creative minds...
  3. J

    Excel VBA to create/duplicate powerpoint slides and replace text/photos

    Hi All, I have to produce a large power point presentation for our Xmas party with all of our compliments for the year. I have over 1200 entries on an excel spreadsheet and have been trying to write/research the code to convert this in to a powerpoint presentation but I'm struggling so far...
  4. T

    VBA Question - How To Autofilter on One Sheet With Single Criteria From Another Sheet?

    Hi, Brains! I have done lots of searching for the answer to this question online, and I have tried maybe six or seven different suggestions I found online, but none that I have tried seem to be work. Therefore, I appreciate any assistance I can get from the community here. I have a...
  5. carabale

    Multiple ifs questions

    Here I am again. I am having problems with a multiple if syntax. I have three columns Desired_Presentation (col J) | Award (col K) | SUSP_Date Desired presentation will be blank or will contain a date. Award has a dropdown menu with three options LOM, MSM, and FLCROSS SUSP_Date (col L) should...
  6. W

    Scatter Chart? Bell Curve?

    I have likert scale data: -29.0 through +29.5 I have four different likert scales that need to be graphed in some manner. the original thought was to create a bell curves to demonstrate the commonality of each set of data. - - That has proven difficult, or impossible as I cant figure it out...
  7. W

    Calculate confidence

    Hi All, I inherited a power point presentation that shows the average, minimum and maximum values from survey response question. I have the underlying Excel data but don't have the work of the person that calculated these things. The average is shown, including the confidence level. I'm not a...
  8. D

    Set PowerPoint Screen Ratio when opening a session from Excel VBA

    Hi, I use the following code to open a presentation and paste some information into a presentation from Excel. The problem that I have is that the users of the excel file have different default settings for their PPT screen ratio on startup. Obviously this throws out my presentation...
  9. J

    Use VBA to hide or make invisible and open excel and power point to work on it behind the scene.

    How can we use VBA to make invisible or hide an open excel file and power point presentation behind the scene while we work on it. It works well with excel as I use ActiveWindow.Visible = False but for power point I use set pres = + pptxfile, withwindow:msofalse)...
  10. D

    VBA Excel to PP - use existing presentation?

    Hi all, i'm using VBA in Excel to copy&paste charts as images to a PowerPoint presentation. I would like to modify the code, so that it's using the existing presentation (which is created after the 1st run) from now on. My purpose is to update the charts with new ones, while keeping the...
  11. I

    Updating Powerpoint Dashboard from Excel

    Hi all, I've been looking for a solution to this problem for a long time without finding anything that works. Hopefully someone out there can help me in the right direction :) I have an excel-file that contains alot of pivot charts and tables that i need to export to a powerpoint presentation...
  12. T

    Looking for groovy ideas for themes/styles for a bunch of professional sheets

    Hi All Here's a non-codey one for you. XP/2007 I am about to roll out a group of 5 workbooks and am trying to think of a consistent and eye-catching theme to impress my client. My standard is white background titles with navy background and white lettering Heading1, Heading 2, Good/Bad...
  13. B

    Chart Presentation

    Hi, I'm putting together a pack showing a companies performance year to date, it will essentially be a selection of full page charts and tables. Is anyone aware of any articles or suggestions as to how best to present this? Whether exporting to Powerpoint or Acrobat are better options etc...
  14. B

    Analyzing distribution of scores against avg scores

    I have a group of 100 agents who have to evaluate a telephone call and then select the type of call from a drop down list of 200 entries. Because all agents have the same chance of getting the same mix of calls, their selection mix should be relatively similar. I want to be able to show using...

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