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    Generate a cost from a pricing matrix with various options

    Hi all, I am trying to create a formula that will allow a user to simply fill in some criteria and a price will generate accordingly. I have tried to use a SUMIFS formula but have only got as far as doing the basic price without any of the optional extras. Here is an example of the...
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    10 Year Price Model

    Hello, I am looking at creating a Price Model, and I am looking at the best way to solve the problem other than having lots of columns. My data Set looks like This <tbody> Cost Type Qty Unit Mth Cost Margin Unit Sell Start Date End Date Total Mths Total Cost Total Sell A 10 $80 30%...
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    Graphing data with ranges of dates

    I am trying to graph data for price quotes. When we obtain price quotes, we log the price in one column, and then a start date for the second column and an end date in the third column. The two date columns represent the period of time for which the quotes are valid. I envision graphing each...

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