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    Worksheet print from a dropdown list

    My problem is coding a drop-down list that selects the worksheet that needs to be printed. The worksheet information to be printed reside in the column "C". In this example, I am showing the dropdown the "vv" selection and I am printing the "sheet1". I see that the formatting is not working in...
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    set print area for multiple sheet at the same time

    I have a file that contains 25 worksheets w/ all same formatting. Now, I need to set the print area to A1:N58 for sheets("firstone") and set the print area to A1:N40 for sheets("secondone"). I only know how to do this for 1 worksheet (activesheet) at a time. Below is what i used...
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    Ignoring blank or "zero" rows when printing - Help with print macro

    I'm trying to create a macro that will, when printing, ignore the rows in my spreadsheet that either contain zeros or are blank; the spreadsheet is large and I don't want to print pages of rows with useless information. I have an older version of the workbook from 2007 that contains such a...
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    Making a dynamic ranged print area that also only prints within a date range

    I'm trying to make a dynamic print area that works like a dynamic range but also has condition that checks the data against a starting and finishing date and only prints the rows that are within these dates. Is this possible without VBA or Macros My dynamic range is like this...
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    Filtered print area

    I moved a process where Microsoft Word is normally used into Excel. In a nutshell, I have 80 or so letters, each representing a different client, that are sent weekly. Each week, not every client gets a letter and there are only small differences between each letter (address, name, amount...

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