print button

  1. Z

    Print button VBA

    Hello and happy new year ? I need assistance. Does anyone have a macro for this request?
  2. M

    Print list and selected cells using macro linked to button

    Hi All, I've created a button which prints a selected range of cells in the active sheet as below: Sub PrintSomeCells() Range("A1:D10").PrintOut End Sub I now want a button which prints the data associated with an entire drop down list but I also want it to only print the range for each of...
  3. S

    I need to creat a Print Button

    Hello everyone! New here. I have used the forum and for the most part have always found answers and not needed to make a post. But alas the time has come. I need to create for a file that has 2 sheets. I would like this button to open the dialog that allows for the printer to be selected and...
  4. M

    how to make macro button to print page that has the active cell only?

    have multiple pages at the same worksheet and i need to put macro button for each page how to make this macro print the page which has the active cell thanks in advance.
  5. M

    Set up print button to function only on 1 sheet

    I have 4 sheets in my workbook. Only 1 sheet named "Data Sheet" do people enter information and depending on the numbers of rows filled out it prints accordingly. I'm ok there. My issue is in printing the other sheets which has instructions and reference material. When I try printing another tab...
  6. D

    Customising a GREAT bit of coding

    HI all, I found this bit of coding on here, so if the person that wrote it see this then I am very impressed. However I wanted some advice on how to customise it. I have attached the coding below. I was wanting to be able to specify the sheets it creates as a PDF, the result being that there...
  7. L

    Macros - Only Print Rows With Data Plus Header

    Hi, I'm trying to update a macros for a print button. I'm trying to only print a row if there is data in column J. This macros is working great for that, but I also have a header that I would like printed (rows 1 to 15) which includes a picture of the logo. Does anyone know how I could...
  8. R

    Macro to print a list of excel files from a folder

    I am looking for a macro that i can assign to a master excel sheet that will recognise the **hyperlinked files * already in the file and print a certain sheet with the print area to a printer of my choice. How would i go about doing this? i have tried a number of macros i have seen online but...
  9. G

    macro to select all sheets between two "bookends" and print them

    i have a workbook with a "roll-up" page that shows the results of all sheets between two "bookends" for instance: <tbody> Tab/Sheet Name Purpose Portfolio roll-up of all sheets between "<--" and "-->" <-- first bookend Analysis 1 individual analysis Analysis 2 individual analysis...
  10. M

    Print current page only from toolbar?

    I have made a sheet that has been divided up into 40 pages using page breaks. On this sheet there are 40 different buttons that have macros attached to them that will print a certain page depending on what button is pressed. This works great until the user presses the print icon along the tool...
  11. S

    Print Macro

    Hi All, I have an excel document with three sheets in. The sheets that require attention are "Sheet 2" and "Sheet 3". Basically "Sheet 2" is pulling data from "Sheet 3". "Sheet 2" is laid out differently to "Sheet 3" as it is the sheet that is used for printing the data. So I have set up a...
  12. L

    Disable only the Print Button. NOT File -> Print,or Print Preview

    I've tried search the web looking for an answer and hoping I wouldn't have to post here. Its too easy to just post a question and have someone fix it for me. I have a sheet that copies information to a secondary location when printed. This sheet is opened in read-only and the user won't save...
  13. P

    How to create macro to print all data from drop list

    <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2 width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD align=left>I have a Data Validation Box in Cell E7 Worksheet "Report" that references the employees numbers in I3:I80 in another worksheet "Data". I can select the employee numbers from the Data Validation box & it will...
  14. M

    Print Excel sheet

    Hi, I have 28 excel sheets in a workbook. There is one main form in workbook. When i click on one button 3 spreedsheets become visible.I need a button on each sheet, so that I can print out other sheets. How come I do that.
  15. M

    Multiple Print Buttons in one sheet

    Hi is it possible to make a print macro for a button? Im looking to have one every 31 rows, which will print only the area its within. my spead sheet has data in sections for each week and id like to print 2 pages for each week, the section id like to print are as follows -week 1 - A1:Y31 &...

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