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    Cleaning up data - Fixed width + page print format

    I recently landed up getting a whole lot of data that I wished was in a csv format. It looks like the data is ready to be printed - fixed width, page number, report name, subtotal on each page... the works.. something from my worst nightmare... It would be great if you could possibly tell me...
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    HELP - Next without For on PrintFormat Macro

    I have little knowledge of VBA. Below is a recording I did w/modifications. I want the print format to apply to all tabs in the workbook. It had worked on individual tabs so I added more "language" to make it apply to all the tabs but I think I just made it worse - see below, and now I'm...
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    Soft Return Printing Issue

    I am encountering an issue where cells with soft returns are not completely displayed when printing. Some of the words are being partially cut off. Has anyone encountered this issue, and if so, what can I do to fix it?
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    print format

    Working on a peer-to-peer network. file is saved in excel 97-2003 workbook on "server". When opened on another computer, all formatting reflects a prior version (specifically, header and footer not there). Any ideas? Thank you in advance

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