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    Excel to PDF with Password to view

    Good morning, I'm really needing some help on creating a Password Protected PDF using VBA. I need to do this for many files and already have a looped macro to create the PDF etc, just not password protect. Each file will also need to have a unique password found in a certain cell on the Excel...
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    Excel VBA - DOS CMD print directory to tab

    I dont think this is complicated, but I dont have the syntax: I have a directory that contains 5 files (C:/Test). In DOS, I can print a list of the files to a text file in that directory (print.txt). I want to run a macro that will run when an Excel workbook opens that will run that DOS...
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    I would like to save or print each row to separate file

    I get a copy of a huge excel spreadsheet every week. The cells are so full of data it is very difficult to read. My job is to create webpages from each row of data. Is there some way to write a script or macro that will step through a workseet and for each row of data, it will save it to a...

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