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    Printer settings will not stick Staple + Collate

    I have a database that prints out around 50 reports directly from my Access database. Just this week I've run into an issue with the printer settings. When I select Staple + Collate the settings will always automatically change to Staple + Group. I have the reports automatically printing, so I...
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    How do I reset printing preferences for multiple sheets?

    Hello everyone, Every month I have to print multiple workbooks, each with several sheets, and since these workbooks are edited by my colleagues, each sheet often has its own Printer Preferences. I need to print the whole work book at once (so I can use the printer stapler) and that I need to...
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    Print to papersize A3 or A4 to a printer with different trays

    Hi I have seen a similar threat on here posted in 2009 but unfortunately it doesnt quite answer the issue I am having. I have done a userform which allows the user to select printing to each section(All, A, B or C) of the report to either paper size A3 or A4 looking something like below -...
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    Before Print macro which displays print settings

    I guys long time user 1st time poster. I am hoping someone will be able to give me a hand or at least point me in the right direction. we are looking at a number of ways to curb paper use (currently 25,000 a week). I found that often people printed multiple copies due to the settings not...

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