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    printing problems in excel 2007

    There are two problems suddenly I encounter windows 7. Microsoft office 2007 2007. 1. in the excel entries are in yellow color. Is it normal and is it default color 2. I am not able to print excel. It comes out blank. I have designated print area in "page layout". This is a recent problem...
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    How do I print multiple worksheets without consecutive numbering?

    Hi, I cannot find the answer to this anywhere. I have an Excel with several worksheets. Some worksheets are multiple pages. Each worksheet is a distinct section of a report and will need to start at 1. E.g. Section A1, Section A2, Section B1, Section C1 would be 4 worksheets, but the first...
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    Printing Excel Chart Pages

    I have a workbook that contain worksheets plus 75 chart pages. Currently, I print the chart pages to Adobe Acrobat from a Word document with links to the Excel chart pages. Somehow, the links get scrambled and I get chart pages that are not centered or not contain all of the graphic, etc. I...
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    Only printing charts and nothing else

    I am using excel 2010 and inserted a pie chart into a worksheet. My problem is when I print the sheet only the chart prints out full page. In both the print preview and page break preview it shows the sheet correctly with the chart in the bottom right. I have been through all the help menu...
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    Text Box won't print

    the text box in excel 2007 will not print and I have the Print Object box checked that is under properties. I also see my text box in the print preview, but when I print only the stuff in the cells print. please help!!!
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    text is cut off when printing, looks fine on screen

    When printing a worksheet, the text will not all print as shown on the screen unless I make the cell where the text is larger than autofit suggests. Is there anyway around this, so I don't have to check everything I print? Thanks for the help
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    Multiple Sheet Printing One Side

    Hi, I am trying to print multiple sheets via a macro, however the printer is printing the worksheets double sided. Is there any way to specify one sided printing and not book setting? I changed the printer setting to 2 Sided printing as None, but it is still printing double sided. My code...
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    Cell contents cutting off

    We have run into issues with cell contents cutting off. Even when using the auto-fit options, contents are still often cut off and with a large spreadsheet, it's time-consuming to check each cell. It primarily seems to happen to cells with a lot of text. Any thoughts? We really need to make sure...
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    Problem printing bottom border and color

    In my macro, I draw a thin line border around a group a cells. The disply looks perfect. I select the cells with the border and right click my mouse and select Format Cells>Border. The border does exist. The problem is with Print Preview and printing. The last line at the bottom of each page...

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