1. T

    macro to PrintPreview active page only

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me with the following. This code shows the print preview, but always starts from the first page: Sub PrintPreview() ActiveSheet.PrintPreview End Sub This one shows the selected cells only: Sub PrintPreview() Selection.PrintPreview...
  2. D

    Print Preview (2000 vs 2013)

    I am creating a new Workbook using VBA from another Excel Workbook. I then want to perform a PrintPreviewof the new Workbook. However, the whole thing hangs. I believe this is because the PrintPreview is executed before Excel has completed creating the new Workbook. I have looked and looked and...
  3. delaneyjm

    Print Preview Issue/Annoyance.

    Hey All, Been trying to troubleshoot this issue for a user in my office. End user is using Excel 2003. She has a spreadsheet that has multiple sections and text formatted in color. When she chooses Print Preview, all the colored sections show up as Grey. When the document is printed, it...
  4. Mat

    Exit BeforePrint if PrintPreview

    Hi, I have code in my Workbook_BeforePrint routine, but I don't want it to be executed if the event is triggered by the PrintPreview, so I can I know if the event has been raised by the PrintPreview button instead of the Print button? Thank you
  5. M

    Preint Preview code

    Hi I am using following code for print preview of spreadsheet. 'command button to print site survey water worksheet Private Sub cmdPrintSiteSurveyWater_Click() On Error GoTo ErrorLine Dim SiteSurveyWater As Integer ' message box to prompt print out SiteSurveyWater = MsgBox("Do you want to take...
  6. Jaafar Tribak

    How to prevent printing while still be able to PrintPreview ?

    Setting the Cancel arg in the BeforePrint event to TRUE also prevents using the PrintPreview command. Has a workround this been addressed before? Regards.

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