1. B

    Task Duration dependant on priorities

    <tbody> Priority Start Finish Duration (days) 1 =today() +10 days 10 4 10 5 10 3 10 7 10 </tbody> Populate Start / Finish columns based on Priority (including...
  2. L

    Alternative to Shared Workbook

    Hi all I have been given a workbook to improve the functionality. The main issue is multi user access, the workbook is shared between about 10 users at any one time, all adding data to the same page. However due to the nature of the running VBA this workbook can not shared in the normal way...
  3. J

    Setting macro priorities & Ontime command

    Is there a way to set priorities to macros; that is, can I set a priority on one macro to force it to finish before a command button will trigger another macro? to further complicate things, I'm using the OnTime command to cause a program to loop itself until a flag gets set by a command...
  4. U

    Keeping conditional formatting priorities when copying and pasting to another workbook

    Hello There, I am trying to copy and paste conditional formatting from one excel 2007 workbook to another. I have a line on a sheet where I have created 29 different rules, and have set the priorities accordingly. I also want to use the same conditional formats on another workbook, but...

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