product function

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    Translate (PRODUCT(1+A1:A3/100)-1)*100 Formula

    An existing spreadsheet has a formula which needs to be implemented in SQL. The user note indicates 3 months compounding formula where each rows stores 1 month of data. (PRODUCT(1+A1:A3/100)-1)*100 The formula does not have curly braces around it to make it an array formula. I tried to...
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    Calculating investment returns using "PRODUCT" function?

    Hi, I'm getting 2 slightly different answers with my returns, why???? Initial investment (say) $2,000,000 % monthly returns(1-4): 0.65%, -0.6%, 0.87%, -9.36%. If I use the "PRODUCT" function to obtain an answer to my overall monthly returns its -8.53% Actual monthly returns (1-4)...
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    Product Function Over Dynamic Range

    Hi All Please can anyone help me creat a macro that can do the following: given a data set a b c 01-Jan 2010 5 10 15 01-Feb 2010... 9 5 10 01-March.... 4 6 4 on this set, I can calculate 3 cummulative return, next month I will add May and then wish to calculate 3 cummulative retun up to...

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