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    Load a custom DLL programmatically from another path

    I have a DLL with I don't want to put it in the system folder. I do I let VBA, how do I load dll from the path I want?
  2. Y

    Listbox selection base on opened workbooks

    there is a listbox that contain file names, how do i programmatically select the name of an active opened file in the listbox as soon as the userform initialize?
  3. S

    Programmatically creating Pages and Textboxes in a Multipage control using VBA

    Hi all, I'm trying to programmatically create a page and a textbox within a Multipage control and I am receiving the following error - "Run-time error '13': Type mismatch The code is as follows: Private Sub btnReset_Click() Dim pagNew As Page Set pagNew =...
  4. B

    Programmatically Add Procedure to Sheet Module

    Hello everyone, I am completely stumped on a solution and looking for some guidance. I have written code that among other things, adds a new sheet to a workbook. The workbook in question has a dropdown via data validation, which requires a worksheet change handler in the sheet module. I have...
  5. E

    Create label dynamically

    I need assign the Click event of a label that was created programmatically. My code is working, but still can not assign the Click event dynamically: Public Sub Create_Label() Dim ctl As Control Dim pic2 As String pic2 = "C:\Documents\Pictures\Convert 24 bits.bmp" Set ctl =...

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