1. A

    EMI Projection calculator needed

    Hi I am trying to make a EMI calculator with the PMT formula Lets say I have the following variables A1= Loan Amount B1= Duration C1= Rate of Interest I need to make a table with the projections based on the following parameters 1) Let say there is a loan of Rs 1,000,000 and the EMI for a...
  2. J

    Importing dynamic worksheets from another workbook

    Good morning everyone. Have a question.. Hope someone can help. I have a history with programming in QBASIC, but VB is... a different ballgame. Here's what I'm trying to do at present. I am trying to marry several different workbooks for my work into one very powerful and highly automated...
  3. S

    Cash Flow Projection Probabilty

    I have a years worth of Cash Flow projections for Capital projects that are based on the start and end dates of construction. Each month i have been tracking the actual's compared to what the projections were and creating a chart based on the projections and actual's. now i am being tasked...
  4. 2

    Calculating Projection Accuracy

    I'm trying to figure out 2 different sets of projections and whose projections where the most accurate. The data looks like this: Proj 1 Proj 2 Actual23 25 27 24 29 16 33 37 26 8 16 33 The...
  5. D

    Declaring variables for use in formulae

    Hello! I had posted this question on Stack Overflow, but was told that it isn't the right place for such a question. I have two sheets in Excel, one with formulae calculating business costs, and another where I'm trying to calculate revenue projections based on those costs. Images: Costs...
  6. J

    How to Fetch values from different based on the titles in the cell

    Hi Folks, I am preparing a Projections and Invoiced sheet for Invoicing. I have 2 sheets 1) Project Actuals ($) & 2) Project Projections ($). 1) What I would like to know is that - If my cell text is named as Projected under Project Actuals ($) (F3) it should be able to fetch values from...
  7. M

    Age of Queue each day based on 1 assumption

    I am trying to figure out how to automate or simplify a manual report. I was to track the age of queue of items from one day to the next based on an assumption of how many items we can get through. So for example I have 100 items currently at 58, and then 350 at day 57 and so forth. The...
  8. M

    Daily projection based on historical percentages

    I'm looking to get a formula for end of day projection for order lines based on historical percentages for each of our hourly order pulls. Below is an example: 6am pull - 100 lines (historically 50% of daily volume) 7am pull - 50 lines (historically 25% of daily volume) 8am pull - ...
  9. W

    I need help with projections

    Hello, I am totaling a value for each month of the year as and I need something to give me a projected year end value based on the numbers I enter for each month. Why doesn't hitting enter take me to a new line? Seems dumb. Anyway, for example, for January I have 42, February is 31 and March (so...
  10. R


    Hi all, New to mr excel and still relatively new to excel but loving it ... I'm looking to be able to get a projection or forecast value from a previous weeks data so that each week going forward always has a projection value based on previous weeks results ... Hope this makes sense? I've...
  11. M

    Contract projections help

    Hi, I'm trying to build into a spread sheet a function but am really stuck. I have a 3 year monthly projection. In each month a number of contracts occur, eg 1 new contract or 2 new contracts etc. I need to be able to select a start month and then the flow of new contracts (which has no...

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