protect column in excel

  1. G

    Prevent deletion of data in hidden cells

    Hi Guys, I have a spreadsheet which has some columns that are a duplicate of the column before them (i.e. B1=A1 etc.) and other columns with formulas in them I am training someone else to run the report that uses this sheet and want to limit human error by automating as much of the data entry...
  2. V

    Enabling custom restrictions in worksheet

    In my excel worksheet there is a table containing 5 columns say Column A- Column E. I want to do apply following restrictions to it - 1. User should not be able to edit one column i.e. Column A and the rest of the columns he can input the data. 2. User should not be able to delete or insert new...
  3. kskapin

    Protection That Allows Sorting

    Hello! I have a sheet that contains various columns that I would like to protect or hide from the standard editing/ viewing. There are multiple user groups who access this sheet, and I finally got all the information correct in a column, so I don't want any changes to it being made. I've...
  4. already

    excel protect sheet

    Hi I have to make a sheet read only for some people but other people have to make changes on it. So I protected the sheet with a password. But in the sheet I have a calculated column and I want to protect this column for overwriting for all the people. How can I do this? Thanks in advance...
  5. C

    Protect a particular column in Excel

    How can we protect a particular column in excel?

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