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    UTC to PST one cell to one cell

    I am having difficulty with converting a cell with UTC time <tbody> 2017-08-11T06:15:19.711Z to PST time </tbody> Using Office Pro Plus 2016 Excel 2016 MSO (16.0.4849.1000) 32 Bit
  2. J

    Excel VBA to get Outlook email attachment from alternative pst file

    I have been struggling to find code that will operate from within Excel VBA to; 1) Initiate Outlook (found) 2) Look at the inbox not of the default inbox but of a secondary one from another pst 3) Save all attachments from that inbox into a desktop folder...
  3. A

    Outlook and VBA: create folders in pst file

    Hello guys, firstly I wish to all of you a happy and prosperous 2019. Well, I have to create a new pst for the personal emails of 2019. It's not difficult. However, I have to make a number of folder with a specific tree structure. Any idea? I have a little VBA experience with excel but I am...
  4. D

    To convert PST time to CET time

    Hi All, I have in cell G4 this time (PST): 7/5/2011 0:38 and i want to have in cell R4 the time of G4 but in CET also taking in consideration the summer and winter time difference. Is there a formula to achieve this? I would be very grateful is someone can assist me with this! Thanks!!
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    Date string

    Hi, I'm trying to import a csv file with dates formatted like: Jan 1, 2017 6:01:12 AM PST How do I transform those dates when importing in PowerBI (and powerpivot)?
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    Open EML file and extract attachments with separate pst

    I have some code that opens eml files and extracts the attachments. This works fine, but when I run the code from more than 1 desktop/server, I get an error msg. This is because they all try to use the same pst file that gets created on my network by outlook. I am working in a citrix...
  7. S

    Import Most Recent Emails from Outlook Into Excel

    Hi all, I have spent a lot of time looking into this, and I am yet to find the complete answer. What I am looking to do is grab the 100 most recent emails from Outlook and have them pasted into an Excel workbook. I have built a code (which borrows from a few different websites) that has...
  8. H

    Converting GMT to PST

    Hello! I'm interpreting data collected from an underwater sensor, and have to convert time (hr:mn:sc) taken every minute, from GMT to PST(GMT-8:00). Please help! Thank you, hunter5
  9. R

    Outlook/PST Pivot Table Analysis

    Is it possible to do a pivot table analysis of a pst. I want to see how many emails were sent week by week by individuals and groups of individuals. My question really is can i get access to the outlook data to work on it with excel?

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