1. C

    Creating folder and subfolders

    I have a script that creates a folder (if non already exists) then saves an excel file in this folder and it works great but a new request had come up where I need to create 2 sub folders with in this new folder... 1 called "drawings" and one called "Obsolete" this is my present code: Private...
  2. ChuckDrago

    Little Nudge needed to get me home free

    Hi everyone, I am trying to get a Word document to open (so that it updates its date) and then save it to a designated folder as a pdf. I tried to adapt a great macro I got in this forum but to no avail. Here is the code, thus far: <code/>Sub SubTest() Dim Pth As String, Fname As String...
  3. M

    stop macro if table is no data

    i have this code that will filter a row on my table named "Table5" i want to stop the code if the Field 2 has no data, is that possible? thanks!
  4. V

    Identify path globally

    My path is Pth = Workbooks("CR").Sheets("Main").Range("P4").Value I want this to be in Public Pth As String Globally declared...How can i do that..

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